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Kugelhopf - An eggless, savoury bread with step by step pictures - International food challenge # 2

 Kugelhopf is a soft and fluffy bread, where usually sweet is filled inside. But today we are going to see the savoury version. It is too good to have it as a dinner with some soup. Bread hating ,my husband , enjoyed this kugelhopf and Rohith thoroughly enjoyed these. I am thankfull for myf riends Saraswathi Tharagaram and Shobana for giving these wonderful challenges. The stpe by step pictures ,will help you in preparing the bread easily.

For The Dough:
1. All-purpose flour 1.5 cup
2. Instant yeast 1 tsp.
3. Warm Milk 6 tbsp.
4. Curd 2 tbsp. whisked  and at room temp
5. Unsalted Butter softened  2 ½ tbsp.
6. Oil 1 tbsp.
7. Sugar 1 tbsp.
8. Salt 1/2 tsp.

For The Filling: 
1. Cheddar cheese 50 g , I used Gouda cheese slices and Parmesan Cheese
2. 1 medium onion, chopped into small cubes
3. 1red bell pepper, chopped into small cubes
4. 1 green bell pepper ,cubed .
5. 1 tomato, deseeded, cut into small cubes
6. 1 tsp. Chilly flakes
7. ½ tsp. freshly ground black peppercorns
8. Salt to taste
9. Oil as needed
10. 1 tsp.Thyme or any herb seasoning 

To the mixing bowl add the 1 cup of flour, salt, sugar  and instant yeast .

Meanwhile, whisk the curd . Add whisked curd, warm milk, and softened butter to the mixing bowl. Start kneading  the dough, initially, it will be sticky, then add oil.

Knead the dough for 4 to 5 minutes if using ur hand, else 2 minutes on the mixer to form a shiny and a smooth dough. Cover and keep it in a warm place for an hour to let them raise double in size. Mine took 1 hour exactly.
 While the dough is proofing , work on the filling. Chop the vegetables. De seed the tomato.

Take a pan, add little oil and dump the cubed onions. Let it get half cooked. Now transfer these onion to a mixing bowl.
Now in the same pan, add chopped capsicum and de seeded tomatoes and give them a tose with some salt. Don't overcook the veges, as it may become soggy.
Now add thyme,crushed pepper and chilli flakes. Give it a mix

By , now the dough would have doubled in size. Here is the proofed dough, it took me 1 hour for the proofing. Just deflate the dough ,for the air to escape. Place them on the counter ,which has been dusted with flour.

Take a rolling pin and roll them into , 1/2 inch rectangle as in picture.
Now spread the filling on top of the rolled dough. Place the cheese cubes all over the filling.
Roll it into a log. But make sure to seal the edges. Because the filling may come out of the log.
                                                             Here is the rolled log.

 Now again, knead the log. The idea is to incorporate the filling evenly all over. Again make it a log. (FYI , at this point of time, our filling may come out of the log. Don't get panick, just sprinkle them on top of the log after placing them in the pan , like a pizza.) Now the dough will be too sticky, don't worry , it will be allright. Don't try to add any extra flour.
Now place the log in a pan or bundt pan. Let it sit in a warm place for the second proofing. It took me around 30 minutes for the second rise. 
 Preheat the oven for 5 minutes at 200 degree C/  392 degree F.Bake the kugelhopf  for 30 minutes. Cool it on a wire rack for 10 minutes and then remove it from the pan. Most delicious savoury bread is ready for your dinner :)



Unknown said...

This dish is very new to me but it looks amazing and yumm.

Cuisine Delights
"My Monthly Event - Spotlight: Festive Treats "

Gajus kitchen said...

looks lovely and delicious.well explained with step by step pictures.

Priya Suresh said...

Such a beautiful bread, wonderful job..

Priya Anandakumar said...

Looks awesome Savitha, made very nicely...

Nisa Homey said...

Loved your step by step picture and yummy post!!

Poornimacookbook said...

Looks delicious.

Unknown said...

I love how everyone is making it with their own variations for IFC.
Thanks for sharing.

Sangeetha Priya said...

well made n inviting clicks...

R said...

looks so colorful anf tasty!

Happy’s Cook said...

awesome savoury bread... Perfectly made...

சாரதா சமையல் said...

நல்ல கலர்புல் ரெசிபி.நவராத்திரி வாழ்த்துக்கள்.

Shama Nagarajan said...

delicious dear


Savi...Chanceillai...parkum pogdhe romba supera irukku...

neega sollum pothu koda theriyala, ana parkum pozhuthu than therriyudu kandipa nalla irukkum...Sure need to try this...

Unknown said...

i should try making this...looks so yummy

Saraswathi Ganeshan said...

could feel the moisture in the bread...its that soft and simply neat...perfectly baked Savi and thanks for trying out

Nilu A said...

Wow! Well done Savitha.. Kugelhopf looks beautiful and delicious dear :-)

Nilu A said...

Also, please collect your Versatile blogger and ABC award from me,

Asiya Omar said...

Wow ! super yum..

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