Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Vadai Mor kuzhambu - Urad dal fritters in buttermilk curry - வடை மோர் குழம்பு

        Snow started melting, there is water everywhere. All the streets are dredged with water. Rohith started going to school from Monday. Last weekend, we shopped and explored the city. To my surprise, there are so many shops near our community. There is an "India bazaar " near our location. The prices are not much higher, compared to our shops @ Irving. I know, there is no more our shops. Got a bunch of friends, which passified me a bit. This week is better than last week. Joined Rohith in "Snow skating " class. Rohith is so thrilled to join the class. Last weekend, we went to "Mall of America ", the biggest mall in America. Its a indoor wonder. We didn't have much time to explore the place. Quite happy with the place. So slowly started enjoying the place. Hope to see so many more. This is one more recipe, which  I drafted in Irving. Posting this at my hibernating time.

For the vadai:
1.Urad dal         -       1 cup
2.Onion             -        1/2
3.Green chillies -        1
4.Ginger            -        1/2 inch
5.Curry leaves   -        few
6.Cilantro          -         few
7.Salt                 -         as required

For the curry:
1.Thick curd        -       1 1/2 cup
2.Raw rice           -       1/2 tsp
3.Toor dal           -        1/2 tsp
4.Cumin seeds    -        1/2 tsp
5.Ginger             -         1/4 inch
6.Pepper corns   -          1/4 tsp
7.Green chillies  -         1
8.Salt                  -         as required 
9.Turmeric pwdr -        1/4 tsp
10.Coconut          -        2 pieces

For tempering:
0.Oil                  -        2 tbsp.
1.Mustard seeds -       1/2 tsp
2.Urad dal          -        1/2 tsp
3.Hing                -        a pinch
4.Curry leaves    -        few


For Vadai :
* Wash urad dal for 2 to 3 times. Soak it for atleast an hour . Grind it   finely, without adding water. But sometimes, we cannot do so, so just sprinkle some water, while grinding. I would like to add ginger and green chilly to the blender, so that my kids cannot find them, while eating.

*  Add finely chopped onion,curry leaves,salt and cilantro to the batter and mix it thoroughly.

* Shape the vadais and fry them on a medium flame  . Don't cook the vadais till crispy. Let it be bit soft.

* Strain the vadais on a hand towel.

Preparing the curry:
* Soak toor dal,raw rice for atleast 20 minutes. Grind it along with coconut pieces,cumin  seeds,ginger, green chillies and pepper corns. The mixture should be fine.

* Take a mixing bowl, add beaten curd, grinded mixture and turmeric powder and mix well. If we want, we can also pulse the curd slightly to give a smooth texture.

* Take another pan, add oil and splutter few mustard seeds, cumin seeds , hing ,curry leaves.

* Now, add the butter milk mixture to the pan and bring it to boil .

* Now add the vadai directly to the curry and turn the flame to low. After few minutes, turn off the stove and cover the pan with a lid. Leave the pan for atleast 20 minutes. This makes the vadai absorb the curry . While adding the vadai, make sure the curry is hot.

* Don't cook vadai to crispy, then it will not absorb the curry.
* We can also dip the vadai in hot water and squeeze out the water and drop it into the curry.
* The curry should not be too thick, because after adding vadai, the curry will become thick automatically.
* Adjust the spice levels according to your taste.
* We can also prepare vadai using chana dal.
* Always bring the curd to room temperature. Also it should be bit sour.
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nandoos kitchen said...

Wow! yummy and definitely a must try recipe.

great-secret-of-life said...

so tasty.. I love the vada with Mor kulambu

Hamaree Rasoi said...

Delicious and lovely looking kuzhambu

Rani acharyulu said...

Wav! new recipe for me yummy Butter milk vadai looks delicious,try it soon!!

Lifewithspices said...

tis s one deadly dish i love with rice.. bfully made

Resna said...

Mouthwatering dish..wish to taste right now

Priya Suresh said...

Seems u r enjoying ur new place Savi,,wonderful to know Rohith started his school.. Enjoy.

Vadai mor kuzhambu makes me hungry, even after having my lunch.

Unknown said...

Looks really appetizing and delicious
mor kuzhambu dear ...very tempting !!

prethika said...

vadai morkuzhambu looks inviting...

Shama Nagarajan said...

wonderful preparation dear..tempting

misbah danish said...

Whats cilantro

Unknown said...

Misbah, cilantro is nothing but coriander leaves. It is called cilantro in US.

Unknown said...

Vadai moorkolambu looks delecious :) Thanks for sharing :)

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