Friday, October 22, 2010

Idiyappam - String Hopper - இடியாப்பம் - step by step

 Idiyappam or rice noodles is an authentic south Indian dish.Its very famous in kerala and Tamilnadu.It is a very healthy and tasty dish.I got the rice flour and the press for idiyappam, when I went to India from my MIL.I got time today to try that dish for first time.Believe me,I got it very well.My Critic (Ramesh) ,himself said its so soft and tasty.Chk the recipe.

1.Rice flour          -     2 cups
2.Hot Water                -      1 cup
3.Oil                     -      1/4 cup
4.Salt                    -      to taste.

* We can either buy rice flour from shop or do it at home.

Home method:
*  Soak the rice in water for half an hour and dry in under a fan.
* Throw it in a blender and make it a pwdr.
* We can also dry roast the rice flour in a pan and sieve it.
* this is the Grannys method and u will get nice soft idiyappams.
 Actually I got the home made rice flour from my MIL and it came out really well.

Now lets get into the process.
* Boil the water in stove and keep it ready.we can keep some extra hot water for final touch ups.
* Take a wide mouthed bowl and mix the rice flour and salt together,
* Now add the hot water slowly and mix the flour with a wooden stick.
* Add the oil into the mixture.
* When the flour mixture is warm, make it into a soft dough with hands as shown.

Soft Dough

* Grease the press with oil and fill it with the dough. Make rice noodles in a greased idli plate.

Ready to be cooked.....
* For every batch ,coat the dough with oil or hot water and press it.Bcoz when time passes, the dough may become hard to press.
* Cook it well and serve with coconut dressing and sugar.
We can also serve idiyappams with vegetable stew,coocnut milk ,chicken curry or goat leg curry (Paya).

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