Monday, December 6, 2010

Ras Malai

Ras Malai is a bengali dish and its a slightly different from rasagullas.Rasa malais are milk soaked  rasagullas.I came to  know this recipe from my friend saras and referred it from "Manjula's Kitchen" .It was a hit and went well for my party.We can use half & half milk,but I prefer to use whole milk ,boiled in low flame.This gives the sweet a strong flavour.

1.Rasagullas                     -                 8
2.Milk                               -                 4 cups
3.Sugar                              -                 1 cup
4.Pistas                              -                 1 tsp

* Check my post for preparing rasagullas.
* The only alteration is ,we have to shape it as vadai or cutlet ,instead of balls.
*  Boil milk in a pan in medium flame.
* Milk shud reduce to 2 cups and also we can see 'malay' or paaladai started forming.
* Mix the milk continously as it shud not get burned.
* It will take minimum of half an hour , for the milk to condense.
* This slow boiling ,helps the milk to get its texture and taste.
* Now add sugar and mix well.chk the sweetness as rasgulla has its own sweetness,bcoz of the syrup.
* Take the rasgullas and gently press them to squeeze out excess sugar syrup.
*  Genlty drop them into the thickened milk and let it boil for 4 mins.
* This helps the rasgullas to absorb milk quickly.
* Turn off the heat and garnish them with chopped pistas and cardamom pwdr.
* Serve them after refregerating.

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For more sweet varieties go here
When u keep rasamalai in the fridge, it will further absorb moisture.U can also add some milk to bring it to ur preferred consistancy.


Shanavi said...

yummy rasmalai...loving it !!! can i grab one???

Swathi said...

Rasmalai, yummy creamy rabadi. Love it.

Nithu Bala said...

Looks inviting..yummy yummy.

Saraswathi Ganeshan said...

Savitha, you are rocking.....keep some bite for me.

Priya Suresh said...

Lipsmacking rasmalais, very inviting..

Soumya said...

very tempting rasmalais....looks superb

Unknown said...

Looks delicious dear. I love ras malai more than rasgullas :)

Peggy said...

These look super tasty!

aipi said... scrumptious...Would you mind sharing your plate with me :)
Thanks a lot for linking this to bookmark event :)

US Masala

Pushpa said...

Yummy and tempting rasmalais,love those pista bites with the sweet paneer.

Ganga Sreekanth said...

yummy fav.....

Priya Sreeram said...

savitha the sweet simply rocks--great job gal !!

Kurinji said...

looks delicious and soooooo tempting....

subhashini said...

Came across your blog such a wonderful collections you have.I am following you.

Suja Manoj said...

Yummy and so tempting..superb

Torviewtoronto said...

first time here delicious dessert
check out the event in my site

Torviewtoronto said...

thank you for linking Savitha
I am following you I don't see you on the followers
hope to see you soon

Ms.Chitchat said...

Gorgeous looking rasmalais. Loved browsing thro' ur space and glad to follow u:):)


Kitchen Boffin said...

ur rasmalai looks lovely.. i make it differently.. posted some time back in my blog.. love ur space.. following u..

Unknown said...

They look delish! Good luck with the entry for the White palette :-) And thanks for your visit and lovely commnets :-)

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