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Mawa Gulab Jamun - Gulab Jamun using Khoya - My 500 th post - Step by step

     Today I am reaching 2 mile stones. One is , this is my "500" th post and the other is ,my blog has crossed 2 million views. This would not have happened ,without you all . Thanking all my friends, readers, for constantly supporting me with your comments and likes. Today ,I look back and revive my journey in the blogging world. It has so many struggles ,which I had ,in bringing the dishes. Both in cooking and clicking ,I have improved a lot.Constant blogging ,kept me occupied and has given me peace of mind.When I don't blog ,something,keeps stress me out. Now blogging became my part of life.Thank you once again, for keeping me as ME.

      Coming to the recipe, one of my friend asked this recipe, so I prepared it. The jamuns were very soft and melt in mouth. We can either prepare the khoya at home or can use store bought. Both works fine. I have given all the solutions for a perfect jamun. If you have questions, just shoot me to savitha.ganesan@gmail.com .

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Preparation Time : 15 mins
Cooking time : 15 mins
Yield : 35 small jamuns
Recipe Source : Rak's Kitchen


1.Khoya - 1 cup
2.Maida - 3 tbsp
3.Baking soda - 1/8 tsp
4.Cardamom powder - a pinch
5.Sugar - 1 1/2 cups
6.Water  - 1 1/2 cups
7.Oil - for frying
8.Milk - as needed


* I made Khoya at home, instantly. You can check the recipe here. You can also use store bought khoya for your jamuns.Grate the khoya finely.The khoya has to be at room temperature. 

* Take a mixing bowl, add the grated khoya,maida and baking soda . Mix them well. Add little milk to the mixing bowl. Form a smooth and pilable dough. 

* Let the dough rest for atleast 5 mins. Meanwhile lets prepare the syrup for the gulab jamuns. Take sugar and water in a bowl. Heat it , till it reaches boiling point. The syrup should be sticky .Now turn off the flame and add cardamom powder . While dropping the jamuns ,the syrup should be warm. If it truns cold, just heat the syrup, so that its suitable for the jamuns. Always use ,a wide pan to prepare the syrup, as it will help the jamuns to absorb syrup properly.

* Divide the dough into small equal parts . The balls has to be smooth, without any cracks. If not, it may break ,while frying.
* Here is the prepared dough balls. These should be equal sized . Cover the balls for 2 mins,using a muslin cloth.

* Heat a pan of oil . The oil should not be too hot. If not the jamuns will cook in the outer side and will be raw inside.If the oil is cold,then the jamuns will break while frying. Drop the balls into the oil, While they are cooking, use a spoon and mix the oil, so they rotate while frying. This will make the jamuns to have golden colour throughout. 

* Remove the jamuns from oil. The jamuns ahould be uniformly coloured like that of the picture. Strain the oil completely ,by keeping it on the laddle for atleast 1 minute. Immediately, drop the jamuns into the syrup. The syrup should be warm, while dropping the jamuns.

* Similarly fry all the jamuns and drop them into the warm syrup. Let the jamuns get syrup completely for atleast 30 mins. Serve the jamuns warm or cold. We can refrigerate the jamuns for later use. Since ,we have used khoya, the jamuns were melt in the mouth.

                                                  Serve jamuns with ice cream and enjoy !!!

* Jamuns has to be rolled smoothly, without any crack.
* The syrup has to be warm, while dropping the jamuns.
* The oil has to be medium hot, for frying the jamuns.
* We can also add saffron or rose essence to the syrup.
* We can also garnish the jamuns with crushed nuts.
* Since, we have used khoya in the jamuns, it has to be consumed immediately, within 2 days.Always refrigerate the jamuns.
* Adding khoya makes the jamuns soft.


great-secret-of-life said...

congrats on ur double achievement! this Jamun is perfect way to celebrate

Julie said...

Congrats Savitha..looking forward to many more milestones..yummy gulab jamun,perfectly made !!

www.mahaslovelyhome.com said...

congrats dera...jamuns luks rich n tasty

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