Monday, February 28, 2011

Fish cutlet - a spicy transformation

We bought a box of fish sticks,imagining that as fish fingures.But I was totally dissappointed with the taste and texture.No body in our house liked it.Even rohith was not willing to eat it.It was lying in our freezer for months now.When I opened the freezer, for some other reason,it caught my eyes and wanted to try something spicy out of it.And hence the title a spicy transformed fish cutlet from fish sticks.Fish cutlets came out really spicy and tasty too.More variations, I am thinking now to tansfer it to a edible one.

1.Onion                          -              1/2
2.Red chillies                -               2
3.Garlic pods                -               2 to 3
4.ketchup                       -               1 tbsp
5.Red peppers               -               1/4

1.Fish sticks                   -                 6 to 8
2.Vinegar                        -                1 tbsp
3.Red chilli pwdr           -                 1 tsp
4.Pepper pwdr               -                  1/2 tsp

for coating:
1.Egg                               -                    1
2.Bread crumbs               -                    1/2 cup

* Shred the fish sticks and add all the ingredients under 'marination'.
* Mix it well and refrigerate over night.
* Take a pan,add oil ,saute the chopped oinion,crushed garlic ,crushed red chillies and chopped red peppers.
* Add salt and let it cook well.
* Now add the marinated fish sticks and mix it with the onion.

* Add the ketchup and coat it with the mixture.
* Remove from heat and add chopped cilantro.
* Divide it into equal parts and roll it.
* Dip in egg and coat it with bread crumbs.
* Shallow fry it in the tawa .
Serve with ketch up.

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                                                Fish Kuzhambu

                            Fish Puttu / Sura Puttu / Shark Crumbles

                                            Fish Cutlet  -    Version 1

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Spicy, Sweet and Sour Sandwitch

 I know u will think me crazy looking at the title.This is yet another break fast idea.I had some left over pizza sauce and tamarind chutney,which I prepared for pizza and bhel puri.I was finding ways to finish it off the sauces.When my H bought,a pack of  bread,this idea struck and implemented it immediately.That was spicy from pizza sauce ,sweet and sour flavor from the tamarind chutney.My H was skeptical at first looking the sadwitches,but after tasting it,he was pleased.
     We can go beyond the rules to make our sandwitches.No issues ,as long as u have skape goats like my H.Ha ha ha.True, it was a brave idea and came out well.

Spicy ,sweet ad sour sandwitch

1.Bread slices                    -             4
2.Pizza sauce                      -             1 tbsp
3.Tamarind chutney            -              1 tbsp
4.Onion                              -               1/4
5.Cheese                            -                1 tbsp (shredded)
6.Cilantro                          -                 minced
7.Crushed red chillies       -                2 pinches
8.Chaat masala                  -                a pinch

* Toast the bread slices slightly.
* Spread the pizza sauce on one of the slice and spread the tamarind chutney on the other slice.
* Top the slices with chopped onion,red chilly flakes and chaat masala.
* Shred the cheese and top it on the slices.
* Cover with bread slices and grill it.
* Cut the slices ,garnish with chopped cilantro and serve.

Spicy,sweet and sour sandwitch
Be careful in applying the tamarind chutney,it may be too tangy .Adjust the chilli flakes according to ur taste buds.Will post the recipe of tamarind chutey soon.
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Friday, February 25, 2011

Vaangi Baath

Vaangi baath is nothig but a mixture of  sauteed egg plant with masala ,added to the cooked rice.Its a one pot meal and cooked any time ,where we dont have time for elaborate cooking.It is very flavorful and if we have the grinded masala in hand,can be prepared in  a jiffy.Moreover,I will not get any complaints,as egg plants are my H's favourite :)

When we were talking, my friends were telling abt this rice ,this urged me to prepare this .The same masala pwdr can be used to prepare capicum rice also.If we want more spiceness, can also add chilli pwdr.But I was comfortable with the spiceness of the pwdr. Enjoy ur weekend.


For Grinding:
1.Chana dal                  -        1 tbsp
2.Urad dal                    -        1/2 tbsp
3.Red chillies               -        6
4.Coriander seeds         -        1 tbsp
5.Cumin seeds               -         1/2 tbsp
6.Fenugreek seeds         -         1/4  tsp
7.Peanuts                       -          1 tbsp
8.Sesame seeds             -           1 tbsp
9.Curry leaves               -           few

For the Curry :
1.Onion                        -           1/2
2.Egg plant                   -             2 to 4
3.Gingely oil                -          2 tbsp
4.Cooked rice               -          2 cups

* Dry roast and grind all the igredients under 'grinding'.
* Take a pan, add oil and temper with mustard seeds and urad dal.
* saute the chopped onion and sprinkle some salt to it.
* When oinion becomes translucent, add the cubed egg plants.
* Saute it well,till the egg plant becomes  90% cooked.
* Now dump in the grinded pwdr and mix it well.
* Add the cooked rice and give it a stir.
* When the rice is well coated with the masala, turn off the heat and garnish with cilantro.
* Serve hot with any raitha.

Don't use big purple egg plants.It will not taste good compared to small eggplants.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Strawberry Mousse

I had some left over strawberries and some agar agar.Then this idea of strawberry mousse came,while I  was watching some you tube videos.Without any hesitations,prepared this mousse.That was a lovely mousse.Well this is my second attempt in serving this to Rohith.I was half successful,he ate some 4 spoons.But will never give up.Will try more variations in this fruit.

I have used agar agar,while the original recipe called in for gelatin.We can also use agar agar.If u want the mousse to be like ice cream,then go ahead and use more agar agar pwdr.Mine was like a semi ice cream.Planning to do more mousse varieties in future.This is a perfect dessert for pot lucks as it can be prepared one day before and served.Give it a try ,u will love it.

1.Strawberries                        -                  6
2.Sugar                                    -                 3 tbsp
3.Agar agar                              -                 2 tbsp
4.Water                                    -                  1 tbsp
5.Whipped cream                    -                   1/2 cup

* Puree the strawberries with sugar .
* Take a pan,add water and bring it to boil.
*  Now add the agar agar and dissolve it thoroughly.
*  Dump in the strawberry puree and mix it well.
 * Turn off the stove and cool the mixture completely.
* When it is cooled completely,add the cream slowly.
*  Mix it without any lumps.
*  Pour the mixture in moulds and refrigerate overnight.

Serve with a slice of strawberry on top of the moussse.We can also freeze the mousse and use it later.

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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Vegetable Pizza with home made Tomato sauce

Pizzas are my family's favourite.We love to order the veggie lover from "Pizza hut" often.My son loves it a lot.I was thinking to recreate it at home.Today got a very good oppurtunity.So workedout with the ingredients in hand.The spices and the topping depends on individual's taste.We can alter it accordingly.
My hubby was satisfied and gave a suggestion,to grease the tava with butter before cooking the pizza.
Planning to implement his thought in near future.

I have used tava to bake the pizza.But if u have a pizza stone then no need for the tava.Bcoz pizza stone will cook the pizza faster and cooks thoroughly.The tava helps to cook the pizza fast after heating it on the stove top.

Recipe Source : Prema's Thaligai.


For the Pizza Sauce:
1.Ripe Tomatoes                         -                4
2.Onion                                       -                 1/4
3.Red pepper                              -                  1/4
4.Garlic                                      -                  3
5.Green chillies                          -                  2
6. Basil leaves                             -                   1 tsp
7.Oregano  pwdr                         -                    1 tsp
8.Red chilli flakes                       -                     as required
9.Pepper pwdr                             -                   few pinches

* Dump the tomatoes in hot water and peel the skin off.
* Take a pan,add little oil and saute the chopped onion,red pepper,slit green chillies and garlic.
* After cooling it,grind it in the blender with the tomatoes.
* In the same pan,add oil and pour the grinded tomatoe mixture .
* Bring it to boil and sprinkle some red chilli flakes,pepper pwdr,basil leaves and oregano pwdr.
* Cover and keep it aside.

For the Dough:

1.All purpose flour                        -                 1 1/2 cup
2.Yeast                                           -                 3/4 tsp
3.Luke warm water                           -                1/2 cup  or required
4.Salt                                              -                 1/2 tsp
5.Oil                                               -                  2 tbsp

For Topping:
1.Chopped mushroom                    -                 1/2 cup
2.Chopped peppers                       -                  1/4 in each color.
3.Sliced onion                               -                  a hand full
4.Mozeralla Cheese                       -                  1/2 cup or required.
5.Garam masala                             -                  a pinch
6.Garlic pwdr                                -                   a pinch

* Dissolve the yeast in luke warm water for 10 mins.
* Mix it with the flour and prepare a soft dough,after sprinkling some oil.
* Let it rest for 2 hrs or untill it doubles in size.
* After 2 hrs ,take the dough out and knead it again .Divide it into 2 equal sized balls.
* Dust the floor with some flour and roll it into a medium thicknessed round dough.

* Take  a tava and place the rolled pizza.keep it on the stove top for 2 mins or untill it becomes slightly hot.This helps the pizza base to get heated and cook faster in the oven.
* Now take a laddle full of pizza sauce and spread it on the pizza.
* Now arrange the veges on the pizza in any order u prefer.
* Now sprinkle the cheese on top of it.We can be liberall in doing this.
* The more cheese u sprinkle,the more it will taste.but I have used bit lesser ,keeping my family's health in mind.

* Pre heat the oven for 450 degrees and place the tawa with the pizza.
* Cook the pizza for 10 to 15 mins or untill the crust becomes golden brown.
* Take out ,sprinkle some garlic pwdr,garam masala and serve hot.

* The toppings are purely to our taste.We can also add some cooked chicken on top of it,if we want.
* The herbs added in the sauce are purely to our taste.The original recipe called in for oregano,since I didnt have it ,so used basil.
* We can also make the sauce an indian one ,by adding all the masala.
* My H suggested to grease the tava with butter and then place the pizza before cooking,which I am going to try it out next time
* Adding garam masala gives a indian touch.
* The mozerella cheese shud be a good brand,if not it wont taste like the pizza shops.

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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Mutton Kola urundai / Minced meat balls

Mutton kola urundai is a very famous non - veg appetizer.Here the base ingredient can be altered as chicken,banana flower,beetroot or green plantain.Rest all the steps are similar.We have a grocery shop next to our door.We used to buy all our meat here in this shop.When I saw minced meat,I didnt want to miss it.With two pound,I prepared kola urundai and keema paratha.The keema paratha recipe will be posted soon.

This recipe is from my mom.We used to have wonderful sundays,where idli and chicken  curry for breakfast,mutton biriyani for lunch with kola urundai wil be served.I still remember my mom's chicken curry with hot piping idlis .wow it will be too hot,but still we gulp the idlie so fast ,like in a competition..lovely days.Chk this recipe and u will never forget it.

1.Minced meat                      -          250 gms
2.Onion                                 -          1
3.Green chillies                    -           6
4.G&G paste                         -           1 tsp
5.Roasted gram (pottu kadalai)          2 tbsp
6.Fennel seeds                      -            1 tsp
7.Cilantro                              -            a hand full

* Wash and pat dry the meat.
* take a blender add all th ingredients from 2 to 4 .
* pulse it and now add the meat .Give it a run and transfer it to a bowl.
* Powder the roasted gram and fennel seeds.
* Mix it with the meat mixture, along with minced coriander.
* Divide into equal sized balls and deep fry them.
* Enjoy with ketcup.

Turn ur stove to be medium high and cook.Bcoz if it is high, there are chances for the balls to become black and the inner portion can be raw.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Strawberry Banana Smoothie

Strawberries are rich in vitamin C.Its very good for kids too.But rohith doesnt like it as such.So I  will try to give him as a drink.Still it depends on his mood to drink it or not.But I enjoy the smoothie a lot.My H will run ,if I offer him this. ( Good things he doesnt like).It will be a perfect breafast with a toast.We can use strawberries  for fruit bowl,with a scoop of cream on it.Enjoy ur breakfast.

1.Strawberries                     -                      1 cup
2.Banana                              -                       1
3.Sugar                                 -                       2 tbsp
4.Honey                                -                       1 tbsp
5.Ice cream                           -                       a scoop    (optional)

* Add all the ingredients in a blender .
* Blend it to a smooth drink.
* Enjoy with a fruit bowl.

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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Poondu Kulambu / Garlic Gravy

Friends ,I am happy to share with u that Akheela from Toreview Toronto  has selected my dish keerai kadayal as the winner of the Food Palette series - Green.I am so honoured Akheela.Thanks for the herb pack,which will be very useful for me dear.Here is the entry and the recipe is here.

Garlic has so many healing natures.It is very good for nurturing mothers .My mom used to give me a lot of garlic in any form ,when rohith born.My H loves it a lot.when I saw this bulk at sam's club,grabbed it immediately.My mil will make it differently.This recipe is from my friend sheena.She is a wonderful cook and we will njoy her food ,when she was here in dallas last year.Missing her a lot.

1.Garlic pods                -         30
2.Onion                         -          1/2
3.Pepper corns              -          1/2 tbsp
4.Chilli pwdr                -          1 tbsp
5.Turmeric pwdr           -          1/4 tsp
6.Tamarind juice           -           1 cup
7.Jaggery                        -           2 tbsp

For tempering:
1.Mustard seeds            -            1/4 tsp
2.Jeera                           -            1/4 tsp
3.Fenu greek seeds        -             14 tsp
4.Curry leaves               -           few

* Take a pan,add oil and saute chopped onion,garlic pods and pepper.
* Once it is sauteed well, remove 15 garlic pods and grind other ingredients in a blender.
* Now in another pan,add gingely oil ,temper with the tempering ingredients.
* Pour the grinded mixture into the pan.
* Bring it to boil, add turmeric pwdr and chilli pwdr.
* When the raw smell is eliminated,pour the tamrind juice and allow to cook completely.
* Now add the sauteed garlic pods, jaggery and mix it well.
*  Garnish with cilantro.
* Serve with hot piping rice.

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Monday, February 14, 2011

Paani Poori

Today is the last day of blogging marathon and I am really going to miss u all dearies.Today I am  going to present u a dish in the category "street food".I was totally floated in an array of street foods posts.So i thought I wud be keep this as a last category.This paani poori has so many fond memories.

While I was in my bachelors degree,we usually go to gangotri T nagar and Stella marys college opposite.I cannot say no those paani pooris ,bhel pooris,chana samosa ......We wud sit there for even 2 hrs and have everything,chit chatting and we will be literally pushed out of the shop as it will be always full with no seat .Hmm thanks valli for making us to remember those nostolgic memories.

Recipe Source    : Vah chef of

paani poori


For the Poori:
1.Sooji                   -              3/4 cup
2.All purpose flour -             1/4 cup
3.Salt                      -              as needed
4.Water                   -              enough for a tight dough

* Mix all the ingredients and form a firm dough.
* Apply oil to the rolling surface and roll the dough into thin chapathis.
* Take a bottle cap and make small pooris.
* Deep fry them in the oil and keep it aside.

Ingredients for Paani:
1.Tamarind extract                    -               1/2 cup
2.Cold water                             -                1 cup
3.Green chillies                         -                3
4.Mint leaves                             -                a hand ful
5.Cilantro                                   -                a hand ful
6.Kala namak/ black salt            -                 1/4 tsp
7.Ginger                                      -                 a small piece
8.Chilli pwr                                 -                1/4 tsp

Method for Paani:
* Take a mixing bowl,add the tamarind extract with ice cold water.
* In a grator,add chopped green chillies,a small piece of ginger,mint leaves and cilantro.
* Pound it roughly.And add it to the mixing bowl.
* Add salt,kala namak,chilli pwdr to the mixture and give it a stir.

For Serving :

1.onion                       -                1/4 (chopped)
2.Potato                      -                1     (boiled and mashed)
3.Tomato                    -                 1/2  (chopped)
4.Cilantro                   -                 1 tbsp (minced)
5.Sev                          -                  1/4 cup
6.Chaat masama          -                  1/4 tsp

* Break the pooris,slit in onion,tomato,potato,cilantro and pour a spoon full of paani.
* Gulp it immediately after garnishing with sev and chaat masala.
* Enjoy ur evening snack.

If u feel like ur pooris are not stiff enough to hold the paani, then increase the amount of sooji.
The stuffings can be altered to ur taste.Black salt or kaala namak is a must for paani,bcoz this gives the tangy taste as that of in restaurants.

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Valentine Jellies - Day 6 of Blogging marathon

Happy  valentines day to all my friends and fellow bloggers.Today is the 6 th day of blogging marathon.I am going to present u a jelly pudding in the category "sweets".This was an instant idea of mine.I am going to surprise my hybby,when he comes home for lunch.

Check out my blogger marathon buddies , Sri valli, Azeema Bhagi , Champa , Gayathri Anand , Gayathri Kumar , Harini , Jay , Meena , Minu , Padma, Pavani  , PJ, Priya Mahadevan, Priya Suresh, Priya Vasu ,Rujuta, SantosBangar , saraswathi , Shanavi, Smitha, Sowmya, Suma, Usha, Veena,

Valentine jellies

1.Agar agar pudding mix              -            1/4 cup
2.Water                                        -             1 cup
3.Sugar                                         -             1 tbsp (as the mix has already sugar in it)
4.Red color                                  -             a pinch

For topping:
1.Cream                                       -              a scoop
2.Cherries                                    -               1
* Take abowl and add water.
* Bring it to boil.
* Add the pudding mix and sugar to the boiling water.
* Stir vigorously untill,it dissolves.
* When it dissolves,add the red color and let it come to boil,or untill for 5 mins.
* when it is hot,pour it in the mould.
* It will set within 10 minutes.
* Then u can place it in the fridge.
* Using a sharp knife,scrape it off and serve with a scoop of cream and cherries.

I didnt use any specific mould.Had a heart shape chocolate pack.So used it as a mould  : )
I have used agag agar pudding mix in vanilla flavor.Ther is also plain agar agar in the market.U can buy both.The only difference is,plain agar agar will take time to dissolve.This is a instant one.The instant mix has sugar in alter the sugar according to ur taste buds.

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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Cheesy EggToast

Cheesey egg with a toast and a cup of tea is traditional british break fast.Though there are n number of dishes in this cuisine,I selected this easy breezy break fast .It is nutritious to add the veggies in the toast and also it gives color to it.To enlighten it ,a blowl of strawberries with a scoop of cream is added to the break fast.Thanks for Reva to make,me to do this easy break fast for her event.So break fast is hassle free today.The addition of veggies can be altered to ur taste.

Cheesy egg toast

1.Egg                       -            1
2.Cheese                  -             2 slices
3.Mushroom             -             1 big piece
4.Bell peppers         -              1/4 in each color (red and green)
5.Butter                    -             1 tsp
6.Bread slices           -             2
7.Pepper pwdr          -             1 tsp

* Take a square shaped bowl, place the cheese slices along with the wrapper  in it.
* Microwave for 30 secs or untill,cheese starts bubbling.
* Now take it out and add egg to the bowl.
* Keep in the microwave for 1 more min or untill the egg is cooked well.
* Simultaneously, in a pan add butter and saute the chopped bell peppers and mushroom.
* Sprinkle some salt and pepper on the veggies.
* Now the egg will be cooked well.
* Just dump in the sauteed veges on top of it and cook for 20 sec again.This will help the veges to stick to the eggs.
* Now serve with toasted bread and njoy with a smoothie or a fruit bowl.

A Perfect Break fast !!!

Using a square bowl,helps us to give a square shape to the cheese and egg.We can also use a circular bowl.The wrapper of the cheese helps us to transfer it easily to the plate.

Sending this to Reva's A.W.E.D  British Started by DK.

Paneer Paratha - day 5 of blogging marathon

 Today is the 5 th day of blogging marathon.I am going to present my recipe in the category "Regional cuisine".Parathas are from punjabi cuisine.There are so many variations in the size ,stuffing ....Here I am going to give u the recipe of paneer parathas.
 Parathas are indian flat bread which literally means 'layers of cooked flour'.It can either be circle or triangle.The stuffing can be anything like aloo,peas or paneer.It depends on one's imagination and taste .
This was in my mind for a long time.but now only had an oppurtunity.


For the dough:
1.Wheat flour                     -         2 cups
2.Water                               -          1 cup
3.Salt                                    -          1/4 tsp
4.Sugar                                 -          1/2 tsp
5.Oil                                      -           2 tsp

For the filling;
1.Paneer                               -         1 cup    (grated)
2.Chilli pwdr                       -          1/2 tsp
3.Green chillies                  -          1 tsp    (minced or 3 numbers)
4.Garam masala                 -           1/2 tsp
5.Cilantro                            -           1 tbsp (minced)
6.Salt                                    -           as needed
7.Oil                                      -           1 tsp

* Mix all the ingredients under for the dough and make a soft dough.
* Cover and keep it aside.
* take a microwave safe bowl ,add all the ingredients except paneer,cilantro and cook it for 30 secs.
* Now take it out and mix the paneer with the masala in the bowl.
* Now add the minced cilantro and give it a stir.
* Divide the mixture into equal parts and roll them into soft balls.

* Make sure that the no. of dough balls are equal to no. of paneer balls.
* Dust the board with wheat flour and place the dough ball in it.
* Pat it ,so that the outer edges are thin and the inner portion is thick as shown in the pic.
* Now place a ball of  paneer in the middle and cover it with the dough.
* Roll it into a thin roti ,by pressing it on one side only.
* On a heated tava,cook the paratha on the opposite side first....this makes the paratha to blow.Flip it around and press it with the spatula.After both sides are cooked, drizzle with some oil .
* Serve it with a dallop of curd ..
A glass of lassi goes well with parathas...

Chk the recipe of Aloo paratha here

As paneer will be bland ,it is adviceable to spice it up a bit more than u do for other parathas.Before ,cooking the paratha, tap off the excess flour .This helps the paratha to unchange its color.

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Friday, February 11, 2011

Cinnamom Sticks - Day 4 of blogging marathon

       Today is the fourth day of  "7 days Blogging marathon "  started by Srivalli.Today I have selected the theme "Kids friendly recipe".Today I am going to present u ,my sons favourite,Cinnamon sticks.This recipe has a long recap .
          We used to go to a mall near grapevine.Whenever ,we go there,we used to buy cinnamon sticks in "Annie and auntie" store.They have wonderful cinnamon sticks,which will be very warm,soft and sprinkled with lot of cinnamon sugar.My son loves it a lot and a very big fan of it.So whenever we go there,I used to watch the girl making cinnamon sticks.She is very profesional and used to prepare 25 to 30 sticks within 10 mins.I used to watch her.This gave me an inspiration and started searching for recipes.Once ,I came to know that, pizza dough can be used to prepare these sticks.So this marathon gave me a chance to recreate those we had in that store.
             My hubby was delighted after having those spongy cinnamon sticks and rohith started sprinkling cinnamon - sugar mixture and njoyed well.Give it a try, ur kids will surely njoy.


For the dough:
1.All purpose flour               -                 1 1/2 cup
2.Yeast                                  -                 3/4 tsp
3.Luke warm water                -                1/2 cup plus 1 tbsp
4.Salt                                      -                1/2 tsp
5.Oil                                       -                1 1/2 tbsp

For dusting:
1.Sugar                                   -               3 tbsp
2.Cinnamon    pwdr                -               1 tsp
3.Butter                                   -               2 tbsp


For the dough:
* Take a cup add yeast and warm water.Let it dissolve becoming a frothy liquid.
* Take a mixing bowl,add the flour,salt and yeast water.
*  Knead it into a soft dough by addin oil to it.
*  Let it sit there covered by plastic wrap for 2 - 3 hrs or untill it doubles.

* After 3 hrs,take out the dough and knead it again,without any cracks.
* Divide the dough into small equal parts and roll it as  shown above.
* Make sure the length is even.But I had some irregularities ,which I wud concentrate next time.
* If we roll them in large bulky piece,then it wud blow bigger after baking.So inorder to get a stick like shape ,roll them thinly.

* Take a cup and mix sugar and cinnamon pwdr together.
* Take a cookie sheet, grease with butter and arrange the sticks in a row ,with intervals.
* Now brush the sticks with butter and sprinkle the cinnamon mixture.
* Keep the remaining pwdr for giving a final touch.
* Pre heat the oven for 400 degrees and keep the tray and bake for 10 - 12 mins or untill it turns golden brown.
* After 5 mins,take out the tray and brush it again with butter.
* This helps the sticks to retain its softness.

Serving tips:
* We can bake it days ahead .
* While serving,just heat it in the microwave ,sprinkle some sugar and serve.
My son loved it a lot.Its bcoz ,lot of sugar sprinkled on it.

We can also brush with cold water instead of using butter.The reason is ,we need a binding agent thats it.It can either be butter or cold water.But I prefer butter,as it gives that color and texture.

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