Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Naan with garlic butter / Restuarant style soft naans made in oven / A detailed post

             Today is day -3 of Blogging Marathon #25 started by Srivalli . Today I am going to post on the alphabet "N" ,Naan with garlic butter or garlic naan.I have tried several recipes of naan,but this particular recipe is the one,which gave me complete satisfaction - restaurant style soft and light naans.I got this recipe from youtube video.This naan retains its soft texture,after several hours of cooking.Adding garlic powder,gives a fantastic aroma to the naan.I assure ,you that this recipe will quench your thirst for restaurant style naans.Try it !!

For naan    :
1.All purpose flour / Maida            -            2 cups
2.Yogurt                                          -            1 cup
3.Yeast                                             -            2 tsp (I used rapid rise yeast)
4.Sugar                                             -            1 tbsp
5.Ghee                                               -            2 tbsp
6.Garlic powder                                -            1 tbsp
7.Salt                                                 -            1/2 tsp
8.Oil                                                  -            for greasing

For garlic butter :
1.Garlic pods                                     -            3 to 4
2.Cilantro                                           -           few springs
3.Butter                                               -          2 to 3 tbsp

For garlic butter:
* Take a pan,add butter and heat it.
* Now add crushed garlic and saute till ,butter gets infused with the garlic flavor.
* Now add chopped cilantro.Let it cool.


For cooking naan:
 * Bring yogurt to room temperature.That is keep yogurt on the kitchen counter for atleast 2 hours.This step is very much needed,because when yeast is added,it won't work well with chilled yogurt.This will result in hard and chewy naans.The amount of yogurt needed in this recipe is a must.This will help us to obtain soft and fluffy naans.
* Take yeast in a cup of warm water and let it dissolve well  and form a foamy liquid.The water should be warm not hot.If not yeast will die in that hot water.If you are using rapid rise yeast like me,then you ccan directly add the yeast to the flour,instead of dissolving in water.Melt ghee and keep it aside.Adding ghee will make the naan soft ,for long .We have to just heat it before serving.

* Take a mixing bowl,add flour,sugar ,salt,yogurt,melted ghee and yeast into it.Now knead the dough well.Since we had added yogurt,the dough will be bit sticky and soft.Grease another bowl with oil
and place the dough for rising in a warm place.Cover it with a cling wrap or a damp cloth.I kept my dough in the oven ,with just the light on.Let it rise atleast for half an hour or untill ,it doubles in its size.

* Pre heat the oven to the maximum temperature.My oven had 500 degrees Farenhiet as max.So kept it at that.Place a pan or cookie sheet inside the oven and pre heat it .This is the trick,which makes the oven like a tandoor.So the cookie tray will be very hot ,when we place our naans.This helps us in fluffy naans ,also we have to have a close watch on the naan ,as it may blacken quickly.
* Now take the dough on a floured surface and punch down the air.Divide it into equal sized balls .Let it rise again for atleast 20 mins.Now roll each ball into a medium sized naan on a floured surface.We can either roll it like a triangle or oblang shaped ones.We can also shape them into one big round naan and can divide it into pieces.Make medium sized naans,not so thin ,not so thick.

* Now brush the garlic butter on the naan liberally.At this stage,the garlic pods may come out of the naan.So gently press the minced garlic into the naan.Since we are brushing with butter ,before cooking,this helps us in getting beautifull brown spots on the naan.Slightly sprinkle finely chopped cilantro.Cover with a damp cloth and let it rise for 5 to 10 minutes.Now place the naan into the heated cookie tray.
* Cook the naan for 3 minutes or untill ,we see the naan bubbling as in the picture.At this point,when we move the naan,it should move freely,as it has cooked well.If it doesn't move,then the naan is not cooked ,so leave it for 1 more minute.

* Now change the setting to broil mode in the oven and cook for 2 more minutes or untill,you see brown spots on the naan.Remove the naans immediately ,if not it will become crisp and hard.Brush again with some butter .Repaeat this for other naans also.Oven settings differ from to another,so cook accordingly.Serve with paneer or chicken gravy.


                                             Check my other naan recipe made on stove top....


Monday, February 25, 2013

Snake Guard Puttu / Pudalangai Puttu - Blogging Marathon - day 2

           Today is day -2 of Blogging Marathon #25 started by Srivalli..Today I chose the alphabet "S". Pudalangai puttu is my fav dish.If you are bored of trying kootu,pachadi,poriyal,then try this puttu.It will be aromatic and flavourfull.My SIL used to prepare this dish.She gave me the recipe.My H ,who hates bottle guard ,had this puttu without any complaint.
1.Snake guard                                 -              1
2.Onion                                           -               1/2
3.Curry powder                               -               1/2 tbsp
4.Turmeric pwdr                              -               1/4 tsp
5.roasted gram dal /pottukadalai     -                2 tbsp
6.Fennel seeds                                  -               1/2 tsp
7.Salt to taste
For tempering:
1.Oil                                                -                1 tbsp
2.Mustard seeds                              -                 1/2 tsp
3.Urad dal                                       -                  1/2 tsp
4.Curry leaves                                 -                  few
* Take fennel seeds and gram dal in a blender and powder them.
* Wash and scrape the skin of the bottle guard.
* Remove the seeds and cut them into small pieces
* Take a pan,add oil and splutter with mustard seeds,urad dal and curry leaves.
* Now add chopped onion and saute till it gives out moisture.sprinkle some salt.
* When the onion becomes translucent,add the bottle guard and saute it.
* When the bottle guard is half cooked,add chilli pwdr,turmeric pwdr .
* Now saute till the bottle guard is cooked well.
* At last ,when the bottle guard is done,dump the powdered roasted gram mix.
* Now saute the guard ,till the roasted gram is coated well.
Now puttu is ready.Serve with sambar rice.
* We can also add chilli powder,before adding the bottle guard.
* After adding roasted gram flour,make sure we mix it well.If not the bottle guard can get burned.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Gulab Jamun made with ready made mix / Blogging Marathon #25

             Today We are running Blogging Marathon #25 started by Srivalli.This week I am running on  the "G S N" alphabets theme.So for the alphabet "G" I took gulab jamuns .One more reason for posting jamuns is,today is my birthday.Yes I am celebrating birthday with my twin sister "Kavitha".Happy birthday "Kavi" :)
                Gulab jamun is the first sweet,I tried in my early stages of cooking.Believe it or not,it will always be a nightmare for me to get a good shaped jamun.Literally I have acquired a P.HD in making  jamuns.I have got all sort of troubles while cooking these simple (?) monsters.Either my jamun will break during frying or it will break during soaking.Whatever the reason is ,it will break.I have thrown batches in to the trash two three times..Though it may look so simple,but getting a good shaped jamuns will be tricky.But after my thesis and studies and experiences,started preparing good shaped jamuns which are soft and dense.Here ,I have listed all the trouble shooting methodologies .So beginners can learn from my findings (Ha ha ha).
Yield : 20 medium sized jamuns

For Syrup:
1.Sugar           -           300 gm / 10 1/2 oz
2.Water          -            320 ml / 11 oz
3.Rose water  -            1/2 tsp

For the jamuns:
1.Gulab jamun mix       -        100 gm / 3.5 oz
2.Milk                           -         50-60 ml / 1 1/2 - 2 oz
3.Oil                              -         for frying
4.ghee                            -         for greasing
5.Cashews                      -         for garnishing

Take sugar and water in a pan and bring it to boil.Now reduce the flame to sim and keep it for 5 minutes,or untill a sticky syrup is formed.Add the rose water to the syrup.We can also add some lemon juice to stop the syrup from crystalizing.First prepare the syrup and keep it warm,so that the jamuns are fried and added directly into the warm syrup.

Making of Jamuns:
* Take a mixing bowl,add the ready made mix into the bowl.Now slowly add milk and form a soft dough.Don't knead the dough for long,then the jamuns may break while frying.Let it rest for 10 minutes.Cover it with a damp cloth.
* Grease your hands with ghee.Now divide the dough into 20 jamuns.Roll it into smooth jamuns.The jamuns should not have cracks.If not the jamuns will break while frying.
* Heat  oil in a wok.When the oil is hot enough,turn the heat to medium low.Now test the oil,by dropping a pinch of dough in the oil.The dough should go down and after a second,it should come up.This is the right temperature.If we are frying the jamuns in high flame,then the jamuns will get cooked partially.That is,the jamuns will turn black quickly,and the inner is not cooked .
* Now slowly drop the jamuns in batches.Fry the jamuns by turning them frequently.If not the jamuns will not have even colour.Don't over crowd the jamuns,while frying.If not they will not cook properly.
* When the jamuns are golden brown in all the sides,drop them directly into the syrup.At this point,syrup should be warm.If the syrup is not warm,heat it again slightly.
* Let the jamuns soak in the syrup for an hour and then serve.After ,an hour ,the jamuns should have absorbed the syrup and look soft and fluffy.If you feel that the jamuns are not soft ,then transfer the jamuns into a microwave safe bowl and heat it for a minute and  leave it there.After some time check the jamuns,it should have absorbed the syrup and if we touch it ,it should be soft.If not heat it again ,till you get soft jamuns.Usually soaking the jamuns overnight will work.Always make sure that the syrup should be warm.

Check for my "Ricotta Cheese Gulab Jamun " post for stepwise clicks.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Kayalpatnam special Mutton biriyani / An exotic biriyani with rich flavour- - with step wise pictures

              Kayalptnam or Kayal  is a town in the Tuticorin district of Tamilnadu.  As it has majority of Muslim population,it is famous for its biriyani .This biriyani is rich in texture as we are adding nuts .Another highlight of this biriyani is,it is cooked in coconut oil.This is also prepared,by keeping  in dhum The mutton is marinated with yogurt and cooked.Trditionally,muton is marinated and cooked in the gravy.But it is time consuming.So we have cooked the mutton first and then added to the gravy.I got this recipe from Asiya Omar of  Samaithu asathalam space.Thank you mam for your wonderful recipe.I have tweeked it according to my taste.This biriyani will become a must for weekends,because of its unique taste.
For marination:
1.Mutton                     -           2 lb ( 1 kg)
2.Curd                         -            1/2 cup
3.Ginger garlic paste   -            1/2 tsp
4.Salt                           -             1/2 tsp
For gravy:
1.Onion                        -          21/2 + 1/2 (for frying) 
2.Tomato                      -          1 1/2 (big)
3.Green chillies            -           6
4.Curd                           -           1/2 cup
5.Mint leaves                -            1/2 cup(chopped)
6.Cilantro leaves           -            1/2 cup (chopped)
7.Ginger garlic paste     -            2 tsp
8.Cinnamon sticks         -            1 inch piece
9.Cloves                         -             7 to 8
10.Biriyani leaves          -            3
11.Star anise                   -            2 to 3
12.Cardamom                 -             3  to 4
13.Fennel seeds               -            1 tsp
14.Ghee                           -             50 gm
15.Coconut oil                 -             5o gm

To grind:
1.Coconut pieces                      - 2
2.Almonds                                - 2 tbsp
3.Pistachios                               - 2 tbsp
4.Cashews                                 - 2 tbsp
For cooking rice:
1.Basmati rice                            - 3 cups
2.Cinnamon stick                       - 1/4 inch
3.Cloves                                     - 3
4.Biriyani leaves                         - 1
5.Ginger garlic paste                   - 1/4 tsp
6.Salt                                            - 1/4 tsp
Method For preparing the gravy:
 Marinate the mutton with curd ,ginger garlic paste and salt for an hour,if the mutton is tender.Since we don't get tender mutton pieces here , I marinated over night. Take half onion and fry it till brown with little oil for garnishing.Soak the nuts for half an hour  and remove its skin.I soaked the  almonds and pistachios overnight.
       Cook the mutton with the marnation for 3 whitles or untill,the meat is fully cooked.Don't add extra water.The curd is enough to cook the mutton.Mean while wash and soak the bamati rice for half an hour and strain it completely in a colader.

Take a pan,add ghee , coconut oil and heat it.When it is hot enough,add cinnamon,cloves,brinji leaves,star anise and fennel seeds.When whole spices,gives out aroma,add green chillies and sliced onion.Saute the onions till it turns pinkish brown colour,add turmeric powder and chilli pwdr.Give it a toss ,till the raw smell of the chilli powder is gone. 

Now dump the tomatoe pieces and give it a stir.Don't over cook the tomato.It should not become mushy.
When the tomatoes are half cooked,add cimantro and mint leaves.Let them get mixed well.

Now add ginger garlic paste and give it a stir.Make sure the paste should not make the gravy stick to the bottom.Coat it well.

Now add curd to the masala and give it a stir.Cook well,till it is coated well with the masala.

Now add the cooked mutton .As the mutton is cooked well,make sure we don't mix it too much,as there are chances for the mutton to get shredded.

Now add the grinded coconut,almonds,cashews and pista paste .We can also reduce the amount of nuts to make a paste.Now turn the heat to medium low and cover the pan .Cook the gravy till it oozes out oil.If you feel that the gravy is dry,just add little more water .

This is how ,the gravy looks,when it oozes out oil.I have added 1/2 cup water as I felt my gravy was bit dry..Adjust salt to taste.
Cooking rice:
When the gravy is half done,start preparng the rice,as it has to be hot for keeping in dhum.Take a wide bowl,add add a tbsp of oil and splutter with cinnamon sticks,fennel seeds,cardmom and cloves.
Add little ginger garlic paste and saute it ,without sticking to the bottom.

Add 10 cups of water and bring it to boil.Now add the strained basmati rice ,some cilnatro,salt and cook it till it is 85 % done.That is ,when we take a rice in our hand it should be cooked but should be firm.

Now strain the rice in a colander and keep it ready.Save the strained water for keeping in dhum.

Layering and keeping in dhum:
When the rice is cooked,we can either transfer it directly to the gravy and keep in dhum or follow this method.Take a wide bowl,add little ghee at the bottom ,and take half of the gravy and spread it in the bowl.
Now transfer half of the cooked rice on top of the  gravy.Now liberally add chopped cilantro and fried onion on top.At this stage,if you want to add color to the biriyani,then mix edible food colour with water and drizzle over the rice.Layer the gravy again on top of this and spread the last batch of rice .Then spread again some fried onion and chopped cilantro.Drizzle little ghee.Adding ghee at last,gives a very good flavour to the rice.
Now place  tava a  on the stove,then place the pan of rice and gravy.Cover it with a wet cloth and tie it tightly.Place a plate on top and keep the strained hot water ,which we saved after cooking the rice.Keep in dhum for 20 minutes .

                                  After 20 minutes,fluff the rice with a fork and serve with raitha.Don't mix it too hard,as it will break the rice.Garnish with fried onion.

Friday, February 15, 2013

French Macron / Baking Partner Challenge #7

          When Swathi  sent us the mail about macrons.It had so many tutorials and videos of how to make macrons and their trouble shooting methods.At first,I was too hesitant to try as there were so many failiure stories.But I decided that, I am going to put my heart and soul into it and try.To my surprise ,my first attempt came out very good,except that the size was too big.So I thought,I should give it one more try.So prepared the batter and divided into 2.Added normal food colour powder into one part and added frosting color gel into other part.When I piped ,one batch,it was bit runny,so I decided not to tap them.As it can make the macrons flat.When I piped the second batch,it was firm and I saw some air bubbles in it.So tried to break the air bubbles with a tooth pick,still I couldn't do it.So when I baked ,first batch was baked perfect.But my second batch had cracks becoz of the air bubbles.The tips and tricks provided by our friends in baking partners team was very helpfull.Here I have given a complete post with problem solving methodology. 
      I would like to thank Swathi,Reshmi,Julie,Saraswathi,and all other Baking partners ,for helping me to succeed.
 Source:  Marthaw Stewart (  changed the amount of sugar in the recipe)
  1.  Powdered sugar                      - 1 cup / 125g 
  2. Almond flour                            -   3/4 cup / 75g 
  3. large egg whites,                      -  2/ 60g egg whites (60ml) (1/4 c.) room temperature
  4. superfine sugar                         - 1 tablespoon + 1 teaspoon/20g/30ml
     5.  Pinch of cream of tartar or a pinch of salt

   1.I kept my egg whites in a bowl covered with a tissue paper for 4 days.On the baking day, I kept the egg whites on my counter for an hour and used it.This is called aging of the egg whites.This helps the macrons to get a airy texture.
  2. I made my almond flour at home.Just soaked ,almonds in water for an hour and peeled the skin.Then made the almonds to dry on a paper towel for a day in my kitchen counter. Once they are completely dry,powdered them in the blender and sieved them twice.To save time,we can either dry roast the almonds or bake them in the lowest farenheit ,till they are crisp.But make sure ,they should not change colour.Similarly powdered the sugar .Pulse confectioners' sugar and almond flour in a food processor until combined. Sift mixture 2 times.
3. Preheat oven to 375 degrees. Whisk whites with a mixer on medium speed until foamy. Add cream of tartar or a pinch of salt, and whisk until soft peaks form. Reduce speed to low, and then add superfine sugar. Increase speed to high, and whisk until stiff peaks form, about 8 minutes. Sift flour mixture over whites, and fold until mixture is smooth and shiny.This will take about 50 to 60 strokes.
4.Divide the batter into 2 and add two different color to each part.

5.    Transfer batter to a pastry bag fitted with a 1/2-inch plain round tip, and pipe 3/4-inch rounds 1 inch apart on parchment-lined baking sheets, dragging pastry tip to the side of rounds rather than forming peaks. IF we don't have pastry bag,just use a ziploc bag.Tap bottom of each sheet on work surface to release trapped air. Let stand at room temperature for 30 -60 minutes. Reduce oven temperature to 325 degrees. Bake 1 sheet at a time, rotating halfway through, until macarons are crisp and firm, about 10 minutes. After each batch, increase oven temperature to 375 degrees, heat for 5 minutes, then reduce to 325 degrees.

6    Let macarons cool on sheets for 2 to 3 minutes, and then transfer to a wire rack. (If macarons stick, spray water underneath parchment on hot sheet. The steam will help release macarons.)
7. Sandwich 2 same-sized macarons with 1 teaspoon filling. Serve immediately, or stack between layers of parchment, wrap in plastic, and freeze for up to 3 months.

Method for preparing Ganache:
1.Semi sweet chocolate      -          1/2 cup
2.Butter                                -          1 tbsp
3.Heavy cream                     -          1/2 cup

* Add chocolate into a mixing bowl.
* Bring the heavy cream to boil.
* Pour the milk into the mixing bowl.Add butter.
* Let it sit for 2 minutes.Then stir well,untill heavy cream is combined with the chocolates.
* Cool the ganache for atleast 30 - 60 mins in refrigerator or untill it is set and ready for piping.Transfer the ganache to a ziploc bag .
* Cut the corner of the ziplo bag and squeeze the ganache on the macron.Make sure, we squeeze the filling only small amount in the middle.If not the filling would ooze out and will make a mess.
* Sandwitch another macron.Place the sandwitched macrons in fridge for 24 hours ,then serve.

                                                 Problem Solving  steps:

                                                  When I started to refer many video links and sites which was provided by Swathi,I got so many ideas and problem solving tips.I prepared the macrons 3 times,got success in 2 and one was a failiure.
While preparing the almond flour:
    Always sift the almond flour and sugar powder atleast twice.While making almond powder,make sure the almonds  are dry .If you feel that the almond flour is wet,then keep it on a tray and place it inside the oven for a day,with just light turned on.This will make the flour nice and dry.

Cracked Macrons:
                When the batter is under mixed,then the macrons will get cracks on the shell.The reason is ,air gets trapped into the batter ,which results in the cracks.So mix the batter ,untill its smooth and shiny.The other reason for this,is the flour and sugar powder are not sifted twice.So the small pieces of almonds may get stuck in the batter,which leads to the crack.We can check ,whether the batter is in right consistancy,by these 3 steps.
a. We can check whether the batter is ready or not ,by taking the batter in a spoon and dropping it.It should drop like a ribbon smoothly.
 b. The other way to check the consistany is,make a incision on the batter,within 5 secs,the batter should bind together.
 c.The third way to check the consistancy is,take a spoon of batter and place it on a plate and shake,it should spread.
Flat macrons:
                When the batter is over mixed,then the macrons become flat .So when you see ,that your batter is runny don't panick,slowly pipe it on the tray and don't tap it.Let it sit on the counter for 1 hour ,till its outer shell is non sticky.
Air pockets:
                 When you pipe the macrons,and if you see some air bubbles on some of the macrons,then take a tooth pick and burst it.If not when we bake,it the air trapped in the batter ,try to come out leaving a hole or crack.
Even sized macrons:
               As "Joy of baking "site says,we can  prepare templates to get a even sized macrons.Like take a parchmaent paper and make small circles using a quarter.When we are going to pipe the batter,place the template paper under that and pipe it..This helps us in getting even shaped macrons.

 Sticky flour:
               When we pulse almond flour and sugar,there are chances that the sugar can turn into sticky liquid ,if we pulse it for long.The reason is,heat produced during the pulsing,may cause it to liquidify.
              The ganache,may mess our macrons,when they are not set properly .It should be set for almost an hour in the refrigerator.If you feel that the ganache is too thick,then heat it in the microwave for few minutes and bring it to our desirable consistancy.




Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Heart shaped Fish Sandwitch / Valentine day special / Blogging Marathon #25

      Today is Day 3 of Blogging Marathon #25.I am running on "kids lunch box " theme.Today one more special is also added.Yes this post is also a vaelntine's day special.Wishing all my beloved ones "Happy Valentine's Day".If we make sandwitches into cute shapes,kids will enjoy a lot.So prepared these heart shaped sandwitches ,with fish patties.We can also prepare some veg cutlets or chicken patties. 

For the patties:
1.Cod fish - 1 big piece
2.Turmeric powder - a pinch
3,Onion - 1/2
4.Green chillies - 2
5.Ginger garlic paste - 1/2 tsp
5.a Chilli pwder - 1/4 tsp or as required
6.Cooked rice - 3 tbsp
7.Bread crumbs - 2 tbsp or as required
8.Oil - 2 tbsp
9.Mustard seeds - 1/4 tsp
10.Salt - to taste

For the sandwitch:
1.Fish patties             -               2
2.Wheat bread slices -                2
3.Cheese slices         -                 2
4.Dressing                -                  Ketchup or ranch

* Cook the cod fish with turmeric powder and salt  with little water.
* Discard the water and shred the fish.
* Take a pan,add oil and splutter with mustard seeds.
* Add chopped onion and green chillies,when the onion is translucent,add ginger garlic paste.
* Now add chilli pwdr and give it a a toss.
* Cool the mixture completely.

* Add the shredded fish into the pan and mix it with chopped cilantro,bread crumbs and cooked rice.
* You should be able to form the mixture into a ball,that is the right consistancy.
* If you feel the patties are not firm enough,either you can add some mor bread crumbs  or refreigerate the patties for an hour.This will make the patties firm.
* Form into patties using any cookie cutter.
* Heat a tawa and cook the patties with very little oil on both the sides.
* For making it fun,cut the bread slices ,cheese into heart shape.
* Take a heart shaped bread slice,apply ketchup or ranch ,place the cheese,fish patties and cover them with another bread slice.
* Arrange them and serve it.Kids will surely enjoy this sandwitch.

* The other way to prepare patties is,just prepare the fish masala,give a egg wash and coat it with bread crumbs.
* We can prepare the un cooked patties in advance and freeze it.While preparing the sandwitches,thaw the patties and cook them.
* We can also place some lettucein between.
* Since,kids eat less spice,I have added very little spices.I f you want,you can alter the masala according to your taste.

Sending this to "Kids delight - Lunch box series" started by Srivalli,ow hosted by "PJ"

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Egg Rice / Kids Lunch box recipes /Blogging Marathon #25

Today is the second day of Blogging Marathon #25 under the theme "Kids lunch box recipes. Egg rice is a very simple rice,with basic ingredients.My mom will pack this rice,when she runs out of veges.My friends are great fan of this rice.My lunch box will be emptied quickly,when it has egg rice.I forgot about this rice totally.When my mom came for my delivery,she prepared this rice and reminded my school days.Give a shot to this rice,you will love it.
1.Cooked rice         -         2 cups
2.Eggs                    -          5
3.Onion                  -           1 big (chopped)
4.Toamto                -           1/2 (chopped)
5.Green chillies      -            2
6.Ginger garlic paste-          1/2 tsp
7.Curry powder      -            1 tsp
8.Turmeri powder  -             1/4 tsp
9.Curry leaves        -             hand full
10.Cilantro              -            chopped
11.Oil                      -            3 tbsp
12.Fennel seeds       -            1/4 tsp
13.Salt                      -             1/2 tsp or as reequired
14.Cilantro               -             for garnishing
* Cook rice with a spoon of oil and cool it on a plate.This avoids the rice from sticking together.
* Take  a pan,add oil and splutter with fennel seeds and curry leaves.
* Add chopped onion,green chillies and sprinkle some salt.Add ginger garlic paste and saute it.
* When the ginger garlic paste is sauteed well,add turmeric powder,chilli powder and combine well.

* When the raw smell is eliminated,add tomato and cook it.
* Once the mixture attains semi-gravy consistancy,break the eggs .Don't disturb them untill they are cooked.If not we will not be able to get good pieces of eggs.Once the eggs are cooked,slightly mix them.
* Now add the cooked rice and give it a toss.Adjust salt to taste.Garnish with cilantro.

* Adding oil while cooking the rice makes it non sticky.Make sure the rice is cooled well,if not there are chances for the rice to get collapsed.
* While adding eggs,don't disturb them for 2 to 3 minutes,if not eggs will be scrambled into tiny bits.
* Spice level can be altered according to your taste.
* Tomato should be added very little,if not,it would make the gravy watery.

If I didn't prepare egg rice,my eggs would have turn into chicks :) How is my imagination?.Thanks to my H ,who bought me these cute chicks in eggs.

Sending this "Kids delight - Lunch box " seried hosted y PJ ,started by Srivalli

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Paneer Kathi Rolls / Kids Lunch box Recipes / Blogging Marathon #25

               I am happy to be part of Srivalli's BM 25 th edition.So I will be blogging for consecutive 3 days ,from today.I am going to post about "Kids Lunch box " ideas,for the next 3 days..When coming to kid's lunch,they always wish to have mess free foods or fingure foods.So I decided to post some mess free foods or one pot dishes.Kids love to have paneer in any form.So Today I am going to post Paneer Kathi rolls.We can prepare kathi rolls with all purpose flour or wheat flour.I have added some veges to sneak in some nutrients .The filling can be altered by the availability of the veges .We can also use chicken,egg pieces instead of paneer.
For the Kathi rolls:
1.All purpose flour            -             1 cup
2.Salt                                 -              1/4 tsp
3.Water                              -              1/2 cup or as needed
For the filling:
1.Paneer                             -            1/2 cup
2/Onion                              -            1/4
3.Tomato                            -            1/4
4.Corn                                -             2 tbsp
5.Beans                              -              2 tbsp
6.Chilli pwdr                      -            1/4 tsp
7.Garam masala pwdr        -             a pinch
8.Salt                                  -             as needed
9.Cilantro                            -            for garnishing
10.Oil                                     -           for tempering
11.Cumin seeds                    -            1/4 tsp
12.Shredded Cheese            -            hand full
For the filling:
* Boil corn and keep it aside.
* Chop the veges finely and cube paneer.
* Take a pan,add oil and splutter with cumin seeds.
* Add onion and saute till it becomes translucent.Sprinkle little salt.
* Now add beans and give it a toss.Add chilli pwdr and give it a toss till it gives out the raw smell.
* Now add tomato and saute  till it is cooked.Cover and cook till beans is cooked .
* Once the tomato is cooked,add boiled corn and paneer.sprinkle garam masala pwdr.
* Adjust salt to taste.
* Mix it well  and garnish with cilantro.Let it cool completely.
For the kathi rolls:
* Take flour,salt in a mixing bowl,sprinkle water and form it into a soft dough.
* Roll it into small rotis.We can also shape it with a bowl for uniform circles.
* Cook it on a tawa and cool it.
Arranging the rolls:
* Take the rotis and keep it on the working board.
* Place a tablespoon of filling on the roti ,top it with chopped cilantro and chredded cheese.
* Fold it into a roll and pin it with a small tooth pick.We can also glue it with a pinch of flour paste.
* Fold it again with a aluminium foil to make it mess free.


Here is a well balanced Lunch box with fruits,veges and nuts.  Sending this entry to "Kids lunh box " menu hosted by PJ started by Srivalli.

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