Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Paruppu Adai / Lentil Crepes

 Paruppu adai or lentil crepes are ,yet another famous south Indian tiffin variety. Adai usually has variety of dals grinded with rice and garnished with sauteed onion. Here ,I have used both toor dal and chana dal ,with rice. Its a very healthy tiffin for kids ,as it is rich in protien. Adai is usually served with avial or jaggery. The spice level is high in the recipe,you can alter the spice level ,according to your taste.
For the batter:
1.Par boiled rice        -       2 cups
2.Toor dal                 -        1 cup
3.Chana dal               -        1/2 cup
4.Red chillies              -        10
5.Garlic                      -        4 to 5
6.Fennel seeds            -       1 tsp
7.Ginger                      -       1/4 inch

For Garnishing:
1.Onion                     -         1 big (chopped)
2.Curry leaves            -         hand full
3.Cilantro                   -         hand full
4.Mustard seeds         -         1/2 tsp
5.Chana dal                -         1 tbsp
6.Urad dal                  -          1/2 tbsp
7.Hing                        -           a pinch
8.Oil                           -          2 tbsp
9.Ghee                        -         2 tbsp

* Wash and soak the rice for an hour.
* Mix toor dal and chana dal .Wash and soak for an hr.
* Grind the rice well with garlic,red chillies , ginger,fennel seeds ,adding little water.Dont grind it too much.
* Pulse  the lentils coarsely.Take big care ,not to grind them smoothly.
* Mix both the batter thoroughly.

* Take a pan,add oil .
 * Splutter with hing,mustard seeds ,urad dal , chana dal and curry leaves.
 * Add the chopped onion and fry them . 
* Add the fried onion mix into the batter. 
* Add required salt and chopped cilantro. 
* Now mix the batter with water to a pouring consistency.Not too thin batter. 
* Take a small cup,add oil and ghee together.
* Heat tawa ,slowly pour the batter. 
* Make a medium sized adai.Drizzle the ( ghee,oil) mixture on the adai.
 * Let the adai be cooked in a medium flame.Turn it over and cook for 2 more mins. 
* Serve with avial,sugar or jaggery.
* Mixing ghee and oil to drizzle it on the adai,will make it flavourfull.
* The adai is traditionally cooked in a heavy bottomed kadai.
* The thickness of the adai should be of medium one.

Sending this to Krithis's kitchen's "Serve it series - serve it griddled "

and Erivum puliyum's "Ep series - herbs and spices"

Friday, August 10, 2012

Paasi Paruppu Payasam / Moong dal kheer - Krishna Jeyanthi special

Krishna Jeyanthi ,marks the birth of Lord krishna.Its a very big occasion for us to celebrate.Both my Mom and my MIL do elobarate preparations on that day.There will be sweets and snacks preapared to celebrate his birth day.Mom will start preparing murukku,thatta,seedai,payasam and what not...?Memories goes past 20 years back. Our front hall will be decorated as a mandap for the lord.My Paternal grand pa will arrange for bhajans and will serve food for atleast 20 people that day.Our houses will be decorated with balloons,colour papers.There will be rangolis and footprints of  lord krishna .Footprints will be printed with rice flour.We are totally 8 to 10 kids in our family.So there will be lots of fun.Totally lost in my memories.Here is a very special sweet ,prepared during this occasion.Paasi paruppu payasam is my H's favourite too.
Neivedhyam to Krishna !!!

1.Moong dal / Paasi paruppu             -        1/2 cup
2.Jaggery                                           -        3/4 cup
3.Coconut                                          -        1 piece
4.Cahews                                           -        2 tbsp (broken)
5.Cardamom pwdr                              -        1/4 tsp
6.Ghee                                                -        3 tbsp
7.Milk                                                 -         1/2 cup
8.Water                                               -        1 cup or  as needed
9.Salt                                                   -        a pinch

* Wash the moong dal.Powder the jaggery.
* Scrape the coconut into tiny bits.
 * Take a cooker ,add a tbsp of ghee , fry the coconut and cashews.Remove from heat and keep it aside.
* Now add ghee again..
* When it is hot,add the moong dal and fry it till it gives out nice aroma.
* Add water and pressure cook for 2 whistles in medium flame.
* When the pressure is released from the cooker,add the powdered jaggery and mix it real good.
1.Frying the moong dal  2. Pressure cooking it with enough water
3.CAshews,coconut pieces,cardamom pwdr and jaggery  4.Adding jaggery to the payasam

* When the jaggery is dissolved,add hot milk into the mixture and boil it.
* Add water or milk according to the consistancy we want.
* Now add cardamom pwdr,fried cashews and coconut pieces.
* When the payasam is at right conistancy,turn off the heat and cover it with lid.
* Serve hot with pappad.

* We can also use a1/4 cup of coconut milkat the end to have a creamy payasam.
* We can also melt the jaggery in water  and pour it to the dal.
*When the payasam is cooled,it will become thick so adjust the water level according to our consistancy.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Dhoodh Peda / Paal Kova / Milk Sweet - Microwaved for 3 minutes , with just 3 ingredients / My 250 th post

      I am happy to post my 250 th recipe.I cannot believe myself, that I have posted so many recipes.Blogging world helped me in achieving this.Blogging was my hobby 2 years back,but slowly changed into a passion After seeing my interest in blogging,everyone in my family started helping me in several ways.Now a days,whenever my H goes for shopping,doesn't forget to buy me some props.My son started giving me comments and guidelines in taking pictures and cooking.So my whole family started to be part of blogging :) Doodh peda is my 250 th post.
   Doodh Pedas are milk sweets ,traditionally prepared by boiling milk in low flame for hours to get kova.But as time changed ,no one is ready to sit in the kitchen for long .Hence came the techniques of using milk powders and microwave.Say" no no" to sweating out in kitchen for long. But the taste doesnt match to the ones prepared in low flame for hours.Here is one more easy sweet,prepared using milk powder,condensed milk and butter.Yes a delicious sweet made up of just 3 ingredients.Shhhhhh dont tell this secret to anyone.Just make your guest indulge in the taste of this yummy sweet.This time prepared in microwave,will surely post the stove top version soon.I prepared it for my H's milestone in his office.It was a surprise for him.He was happy.

1.Milk Powder (Non fat dry) -  2 cups
2.Condensed milk                  -  1 can (14 oz)
3.Butter                                  - 1 stick (4 oz)
4.Cardamom pwdr                 -  a pinch
5.Pistachios                             -  1 tsp (crushed)

Yield :
30 small pedas out of 1 cup
My 1 cup is equalent to 240 ml.

* Crush the pistas coarsely.
* Take a big microwave safe bowl,add  butter and melt it in the microwave for 1 minute.
* Dont boil the butter ,just melt it.
* Now add  milk powder,condensed milk and cardamom powder.I have used non fat dry milk powder.
* Mix it with a spatula,without any lumps.
* Microwave it for a  minute.
* After 1 minute,take it out and mix it well.

* Microwave it for 2 more minutes ,stirring in between .So totally microwaved for 3 minutes.
* After microwaving for 3 minutes,the mixture will be non sticky and will resemble like that of a kova.We can see that the kova turns creamy yellow colour.
* Cool it for 5 minutes or untill the mixture is able to handle.
* Grease your hands with some butter.
* Divide the mixture into equal sized balls and press with the fingure in the middle.
* The pedas should be smooth without any cracks.I prepared in 2 batches.When I prepared first time,my pedas got cracks,as it had less moisture,as I reduced the amount of condensed milk.So I added 1 tbsp more of condensed milk.Stick to the measurements and dont reduce the amount of condensed milk,as I did.If not you will not get smooth pedas.
* Place the crushed pistachios in the miidle of the pedas,when it is still warm.So that the pistachios wont come out.
* Cool the pedas and store in air tight containers.

* Microwave settings differ from one another,so cook the kova accordingly.The final kovas should not be  sticky.If it is sticky then microwave it for 30 seconds more.It took exactly 3 minutes for my microwave to bring it to kova consistancy.
* I could not take pictures of rolling the pedas as it was warm ,and cannot wait for camera,as there are chances for it to harden.
* If you get cracks,then add condensed milk or plain milk ,to regain the moisture.
* We can garnish with almonds,cashews or any food glitters.Garnishing should be done,when the pedas are warm,if not it will fall off.
* Pedas will be good for 4 to 5 days at room temperature and will be good for one month ,if refrigerated.But before serving,bring it to room temperature.

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