Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Iyengar Bakery Butter Biscuit / Nankattai / Short bread cookie

  Butter biscuit  or Nankattai ,is a very famous tea time snack .These bisuits are always available in the tea shops of Tamil nadu.A cup of tea will be a very best accompaniment for these biscuits.These biscuits are usually prepared  in Iyengar bakeries in TN.Wanted to try these ,for long.Today got a good recipe from the net.This is a inspiration from Divya's Recipes.She had garnished with nuts,which I have avoided,as I like the biscuits plain.These biscuits can be prepared in less than an hour.Try it it will be a treat for our bellies.

 1.All purpose flour - 1 cup
2.Powdered sugar - 1/2 cup
3.butter - 1 stick (1/2 cup)
4.Baking pwdr - 1/4 tsp
5.Salt - a pinch
6.Cardamom pwdr - a pinch
7.Rice flour -  2 tbsp

* Pre heat the oven for 350 degrees farenhiet.
* Powder the sugar ,Sieve the flour and keep it aside.
* Melt the butter and cool it completely.
* Take a bowl,add flour,salt,powdered sugar,baking powder,cardamom powder and mix well.
* Slowly add the melted butter and make a dough out of it.
* The dough will be crumbly yet pilable dough.Dont be tempted to add some more butter to make it a soft dough.I did the mistake for the first batch.It made my biscuits flat and crispy.So stick to the measurements.
* Rest the dough for 15 mins ,by covering it.

* Cover a cookie sheet with aluminium foil .
* Divide the dough into equal sized balls.Slightly press them and arrange it in the sheet.
* Take a fork and press it .This step is purely optional.
* Bake the biscuit for 15 - 20 minutes in the middle rack, or untill it becomes golden brown.
* Take the biscuits out and cool them in wire racks completely.Store in air tight containers.
* Serve with coffee .

* Adding powdered sugar is different from adding normal sugar.
* If you want the biscuits to be bit sweeter, then u can add 1/4 cup more.
* The dough will be crumbly, dont ever try to add some more ghee,butter or milk to make it soft.Then it will be flat and crispy.
* No need to grease the foil with butter,as the dough itself has enough butter ,so it wont stick to the foil.
 * Bake the buiscuits in the middle rack,this will bake the biscuits slowly.If u keep it in the last rack then ,there are chances for the biscuits to become black.


Swathi said...

Delicious butter biscuits.

Sangeetha Nambi said...

Best Snacker with hot elachi tea....


Priya Suresh said...

They came out super prefect Savi,wat an addictive and attractive biscuits.

Reshmi said...

lovely cute biscuits
Noel collections

Spice up the Curry said...

nankhatai looks very good. love it

Julie said...

Interesting & delicious biscuits!!

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Unknown said...

Looks crispy and crunchy!

Unknown said...

like the way u have presented your recipes.. glad to follow u.. do stop by mine sometime..


Vidhya said...

Cookies look addictive.

Resh said...

delicious biscuit ;)

Ganga Sreekanth said...

looks delicious and crunchy.

Subhie Arun said...

crunchy n yummy cookies!

Subhie Arun said...

crunchy n yummy cookies!

Shanavi said...

Savi..Kalakura..Still in my to do lists...yummy

Saraswathi Ganeshan said...

Feel like having soe right now...yummy cookies...

ജയരാജ്‌മുരുക്കുംപുഴ said...

ആശംസകള്‍............... ബ്ലോഗില്‍ പുതിയ പോസ്റ്റ്‌...... സംസ്ഥാന ചലച്ചിത്ര അവാര്‍ഡു........ വായിക്കണേ.........

Square Meals said...

Thanks for this recipe, I tried it today. Came out really well :-)


ashwini1087 said...


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