Thursday, September 13, 2012

Gobi Paratha

Hi I am back to blogging again. My laptop crashed,so I was not able to post any dishes.Got my laptop back ,just today and here comes the tasty and healthy gobi paratha. Gobi paratha is another quick fix dinner for those lazy evenings.Its  healthy too.I would prefer these parathas,as I could sneak in veges into these parathas for my H and Rohith.Best accompaniments for these parathas are curd and pickle. Gobi haters can take these parathas ,sure it would turn u into a gobi lover :)

For Stuffing:
1.Cauliflower               -          1/2
2.Chilli pwdr                -          1 tsp
3.Turmeric pwdr          -           1/4 tsp
4.Garam masala           -           1/2 tsp
5.Cilantro                     -           1 tbsp (chopped)
6.Oil                             -           1 tbsp
7.Cumin seeds              -            1 tsp

For the dough:
1.Wheat flour                 -            2 cups
2.Water                          -            1 cup
3.Salt                              -            1/2 tsp
4.Sugar                           -             1/2 tsp
5.Oil                               -             2 tbsp

Preparing the dough:
* Take a mixing bowl,add wheat flour,salt and sugar.
* Mix them well.
* Heat water for a minute.
* Slowly add the water to the flour,and knead it into a soft dough.
* :Pour  oil over the dough and cover it.
* Let it rest for an hour.

1.Grated cauli flower              2.Dough              3.Masala Cauliflower                        4.To be stuffed
Preparing the stuffing:
* Wash the cauliflower florets and dry them.
* Take a grater and grate the cauliflower well.
* Take a pan,add oil and splutter with cumin seeds.
* Add the grated cauliflower and saute it ,till it is half cooked..
* Now add turmeric pwdr,chilli pwdr and garam masala pwdr.
* Toss it till,the raw smell is removed.
* Add the chopped cilantro and cover,it till it is cooked.

Preparing the paratha:
* Divide the dough into equal sized balls.
* Divide the stuffing into equal sized balls.
* Take the dough and pat it ,so that the centre of the dough is thick .
* Place rhe stuffing on the dough and close it.

1.Stuffing is wrapped .         2.Rolled out paratha.   3.Cooking one side       4.Puffed up paratha
* Roll it carefully into a medium thicknessed roti .
* Cook the paratha on a tava.
*When ,one side is cooked well,flip it around .
* Drizzle oil over the paratha,and now we can see the paratha puffing up.
* Serve it with raita.

Ready to be served with Salad,butter and pickle.
* While rolling the parathas,take care not to torn them.
* Make sure the stuffing to be dry,if not it will make the paratha soggy.
* A perfect paratha will puff up,as shown in the pic.



Yummy yummy paratha...Looks so tempitng...Nice click...

Mina Joshi said...


The parathas look delicous. Love your detailed recipe.

Mina Joshi

Suja Manoj said...

Perfect parathas,makes me drool,tempting.

Shama Nagarajan said...

delicious delight..Join me in Know your Flours - Corn flour event in my blog

Swathi said...

Delicious gobi partha.

divya said...

Mmm.. yummy dear!

Reshmi Mahesh said...

Delicious and perfect looking parathas...yumm

Saraswathi Ganeshan said...

Tempting platter..healthy and filling parathas..

Sangeetha Nambi said...


Priya Suresh said...

Excellent and irresistible parathas,makes me hungry..

Unknown said...

Oh yes I need to try this recipe! Looks delish!
Chowringhee Pritam Pura

Restaurant in North Campus said...

This recipe is simple, and amazing. Best naan ive had, and ive never baked anything. Im so proud of its taste and look that I took pictures. Definitely coming back to this site.
Restaurant in North Campus

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