Friday, May 9, 2014

Masala Tea /Chai Masala / டீ மசாலா தூள் / Friendship 5 series / Step by step

    Tea is considered as a medicional drink rather than a recreational beverage. Because it has less caffiene compared to coffee. The masala we add to the tea can cure number of deiseases. I usually prepares the masala at home. If I don't have the masala, atleast I will crush and add some ginger and cardamom  to make it flavourfull. Whenever we feel, sick this masala chai gives a refreshment always.

India and Tea are in separable. India has lot of tea estates next to Srilanka. My brother, usually packs some tea packets when he visits us from "Assam". Recently,when I visited India, checked this beautiful tea estate in "Manjolai". The area was so cool and calm.There was only one bus, which runs up and down the mountain. Here is the picture of "Manjolai " Tea Estate.Cute ?

1.Cardamom - 4
2.Dry ginger - 1 inch piece
3.Cloves - 7
4.Cinnamon sticks - 3
5.Nutmeg - 1
6.Fennel seeds - 1 tsp
* Take all the ingredients in a blender.
* Pulse it to form a powder.
* The powder should be very fine.
* We can also use lemon grass to the powder. This is optional. I didn't get lemon grass here in US.

                                                  To make masala Chai !!!
1.Milk - 2 cups
2.Tea masala - 1 tbsp
3.Sugar - 2 tsp
4.Tea powder - 1 tbsp.

* Take milk in a pan, bring it to boil.
*  Add the tea powder and simmer the stove.
* When the tea is brewed, add the masala and turn off the stove.
* Strain the tea ,add sugar and serve.

* Add the required amount of sugar ,tea masala and tea powder.
* If you want a strong tea, then add more masala powder.

Linking this to "Friendship 5 Series " started by Geetha and me.


Gayathri Anand said...

Flavorful Masala Tea Powder .

Unknown said...

Chai Masala looks cool dear!!!! Love it

Vidya Chandrahas said...

Wonderful tea masala.very flavourful tea.

Sayantani Mahapatra Mudi said...

thats the tea that we had on our tour to Munnar. lovely flavours.

Shama Nagarajan said...

aromatic masala dear

Priya Suresh said...

Superaa irruku tea masala Savi..

Julie said... the flavors,Savitha :)

great-secret-of-life said...

looks yum! I can have this anytime tea and my fav book is a dream for long time now

marudhuskitchen said...

Picture perfect and tempting to have some

Unknown said...

Chai Masala looks nice dear

Sahasra Recipes said...

Wow tasty tea with masala.

Unknown said...

Can sense the fine aromatic masala chai...nice clicks.

R said...

very flavorful!!

Anonymous said...


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