Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Pineapple Rasam - Pineapple soup - பைனாப்பிள் ரசம்

    Pineapple rasam is prepared using pineapple puree. Pineapple has a distinct flavour, it blends well in sweets or in daily cooking.  Recently, Rohith was asking for pineapple. So we bought a pineapple from Walmart. Unfortunately, it was not sweet enough. So he refused to eat it as such. Now I cannot see a full pineapple left un attended in my kitchen counter. I took the pineapple ,sliced them , reserved some in the fridge and the remaining got sealed in a ziploc ,went straight to the freezer. Prepared pineapple kesari and rasam using the pieces.The rasam was ultimate and couldn't keep it for so long.We finished the rasam soon.

Preparation time :           10 mins
Cooking time      :           10 mins
Serves                 :           6

1. Toor dal              -          1/4 cup
2.Pineapple pieces  -           1/2 cup
3.Tomato                 -           1 small
4.Tamarind pulp      -           2 tbsp.
5.Pepper corns         -            1/2 tsp
6.Cumin seeds          -            1 tsp
7.Coriander seeds     -             1/2 tsp
8.Green chillies         -            1
9.Salt                         -             as needed
10.Cilantro                 -            hand full
11.Jaggery                  -             small piece
12. Water                    -            as needed

For tempering :
1.Oil                         -            1 tsp
2.Mustard seeds       -             1/4 tsp
3.Red chillies           -              2
4.Hing                      -               a pinch
5. Garlic pod             -               1
6.Curry leaves            -              few

* Cook toor dal with a pinch of turmeric powder , hing and little oil. Oil makes the cooking faster. Mash the dal with the tomato and keep it aside.The tomato need not to be mashed well.Just a rough squeeze will be good. Take half of pineapple pieces in a blender and puree it. Reserve few pieces of tomato for tempering. 
* In a  mortar and pestle, add pepper corns,cumin seeds,coriander seeds, cilantro stems, curry leaves and crush thenm roughly. We can alternately, pulse them in a belnder too.
 * Now take the toor dal bowl, add the crushed masala, turmeric powder, tamarind pulp, water  and mix. Bring the rasam to the consistancy you want. But I prefer the rasam to be watery.Adjust salt to taste. Take another pan, add oil splutter with mustard seed,red chillies, crushed garlic pod, green chilli and hing. Now add the remaining tomato pieces and give it a mix. Add the chopped pineapple pieces to the pan, and saute little. 

* When the pineapple gives out nice aroma, add the rasam to the pan. When the rasam comes to a boil, add jaggery  , and some cilantro ,close the pan. Rasam has to be closed, till we use it. The aroma has to be sealed , if not rasam will lose its flavour. 
* Taste the pineapple , if it too sour, then adjust the amount of tamarind and tomato.
* Don't boil the rasam too much, then it will lose its flavour.
* Adjust the amount of spices according to your taste.
* If you want, you can blend the tomato pieces in the blender along with the pineapple.
* Don't add too much toor dal, then the rasam will not have watery consistancy.

Linkin this to Nalini Suresh' s "Tamizhar Samayal Tuesday"


Sahasra Recipes said...

Different rasam.

Veena Theagarajan said...

so tasty, tangy and refreshing rasam

Manjula Bharath said...

wow very comforting and delicious rasam :) looks yumm dear !!

divya said...

Beautifully presented,u made me hungry dear..Loved it ,superb!!


Tempting rasam...Perfect for this season to try different variations...Thanks for sharing...

Janani said...

My all time fav rasam love the sweet and mild spice in it so yumm right

Saraswathi Tharagaram said...

Flavorful rasam and always a crowd pleaser..yumm Yumm

Vidhya said...

Pineapple Rasam - anytime my favorite. Love the color


Sangeetha Nambi said...

Super tempting !

Vimitha Anand said...

Looks super tempting dear

Kalpana Sareesh said...

flavorful rasam..

nandoos Kitchen said...

Lovely, flavorful rasam. Planning to try it very soon.

On-going event: South Indian cooking

nandoos Kitchen said...

Lovely, flavorful rasam. Planning to try it very soon.

On-going event: South Indian cooking

Anu Anand said...

I love pineapple rasam.looks yum

Anu Anand said...

I love pineapple rasam.looks yum

chikkus Kitchen said...

Very tempting and flavorful rasam ..Beautiful clicks dear :)

Vidhya Iyer said...

I love pineapple rasam. Looks really delicious.


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