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Buttermilk Chicken - Prepared using brining process - Step by step

    Buttermilk chicken  is a succulent, juicy chicken ,which is prepared  by a process called "Brining". This is a process, where chefs make it in thier restaurants ,to make the chicken juicy and succulent. Uusually, this process is not revealed by the chefs , to anyone . The process is so simple though. I was watching Food network channel. One of the chefs  was explaining about the recipe. I noted it down . The process is so simple . Chicken is first brined in a bowl filled with salt water, for 24 hours , in the fridge. Then it is marinated (brined) in buttermilk for another 24 hours . On the third day, the chicken is dusted in flour mixture and deep fried. The chicken was too good . We enjoyed it thoroughly. 

1.Boneless.Chicken thighs                 -           4
2.Yogurt                                           -            1/4 cup
3.All purpose flour                             -           1/2 cup
4.Chilli pwdr                                      -            1 tsp
5.Pepper powder                               -            1/2 tsp
6.Crushed basil leaves                         -            a pinch
7.Salt                                                  -           as needed
8.Baking powder                                 -           a pinch
9.Oil                                                    -           for deep frying
10.Water                                              -           as needed

* Wash and clean the chicken well. Take a mixing bowl , add water and salt . Mix it well and place the chicken inside the bowl. Marinate it for 24 hours or a whole day in the refrigerator.This is called "brining" Brining, makes the meat so tender and succulent. This salt water will make the pores in the chicken to open up, so that it easily absorbs the flavours.

* After a day, take out the water and mix it with the yogurt . The mixture should be a thin  buttermilk. Again refrigerate the chicken for another day. The buttermilk should not be too sour.

* Take a plate, add flour,salt,baking powder,chilli powder,crushed basil leaves and pepper powder. Mix it with a fork. Add less salt, as it was brined with salt water before.

Mean while we can also dip the chicken in egg wash and coat it with bread crumbs. I didn't do that. I was ok with one dip.

* Now , on the third day, take the chicken out and dust it on the flour mixture , on bot the sides. Keep it for 5 minutes on a plate. For the coating to set , properly.

* Take a pan, pour oil and heat it well. Drop the chicken into the oil. Now reduce the flame  to medium low.
Cook the chicken till it is golden brown on both the sides, for atleast 5 minutes. Don't cook for longer time, then the outer covering will become crispy.
 * Drain the chicken on a paper towel . Serve with ketchup or any dip.

* Always, keep the chicken in the refrigerator, after it is brined.
* I have just dipped the chicken with flour mixture. We can also give the chicken a eggwash and dip it in the bread crumbs. And then deep fry them.
* We can also bake the chicken , instead of deep frying.
* The spices can be altered according to our taste.
* Be cautious ,while adding salt to the coating, as the chicken is brined with salt water.
* Adding baking powder, makes the outer covering flaky.


Sangeetha Nambi said...

Super... Mouthwatering here !


Bookmarked...The chicken looks so tempting...Thanks for sharing...

Priya said...

Wonderful chicken savitha .Lovely clicks

nandoos kitchen said...

Super! perfect. Nice one bookmarking this.

Ranjani Raj said...

looks so delicious.. surely will try this brining process....its interesting...

prethika said...

looks so crispy..OMG drooling here... Nice to know about brining method

Priya Suresh said...

Super crispy chicken, couldnt resist, my kids will definitely love this.

Unknown said...

Very new method dear!!! Chicken looks so delicious

Sayantani Mahapatra Mudi said...

awesome recipe and great tips. thanks for sharing

Suja Manoj said...

Irresistible fried chicken,crispy yum

Preetha said...

oh!! lip smacking... chicken

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