Thursday, June 5, 2014

Chocolate Milk - Prepared using home made chocolate syrup - DIY Chocolate syrup recipe - Step by step

     The next entry to the "Kids special - fast food " series, here comes the ultiemate favourite of kids "Chocolate milk". Whenever , Rohith gets food from cafeteria, his lunch will always accompany chocolate  milk. It become a part of his life now.We usually buy "Hersheys " chocolate syrup.One day , I wanted to prepare at home for a change. When I searched the internet, got this recipe. It was a easy recipe with less ingredients. Immediately tried the recipe, it came out successfully.
     Chocolate syrup can be easily made  at home using the below recipe. It is so easy to make ,with simple ingredients. The difference between home made chocolate syrup and the store bought can be checked at the back of the store bought bottle. There are numerous artificial ingredients added to the syrup.When we taste the store bought ones. there will be a bitterness at the end, that is because of the preservative added to the syrup.So always use home made products to kids.

Source: Foodnetwork
1.Sugar - 1 cup
2.Water - 3/4 cup
3.Cocoa powder - 3/4 cup
4.Salt - a fat pinch
5.Vanilla - 1/4 tsp

* Keep the water,sugar ,cocoa powder and vanilla essence ready near you.

* Take sugar and water in a bowl.Heat the bowl, till the sugar is melted. There is no need for us to take any string. Let the sugar melt in the water - its that simple.

*Sieve the cocoa powder well. Add the cocoa powder directly to the bowl. Turn the flame to low and keep stirring. Cocoa powder would have melted to the sugar syrup.Add salt to it now.
* Keep the syrup stirring till you see a glossy syrup . We can check the consistancy of the syrup by dipping a spoon. If the syrup coats the back of the spoon, then we have reached the right consistancy.Turn off the syrup and add vanilla to it and mix.Cool the syrup and store in a air tight container or a bottle.Refrigerate it.

* Whenever we need to make the chocolate milk, just heat the milk, add little syrup to it and mix. Your chocolate milk is ready in minutes. Or just pour this syrup on top of ice cream, mousse or any dessert.

* This syrup stays fresh for almost a month, when refrigerated.
* The syrup has to be bit runny, because refrigeration can make the syrup thick.
* We can make cold coffee, frappuchino the imagination is endless using this.
* If you want to alter the sweetness, we can do it by increasing or decreasing the sugar.

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Unknown said...

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Unknown said...

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Unknown said...

Delicious chocolate syrup makes me drool :)

Rafeeda AR said...

Ah... love this post!!! bookmarked...

Sayantani Mahapatra Mudi said...

a must try. kiddo would love it

Priya Suresh said...

Homemade chocolate syrup rocks, it looks very much good than the store bought ones..

marudhuskitchen said...

nice instruction ...nice clicks

nandoos kitchen said...

nice yummy drink

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