Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Ragi Crepes - கேழ் வரகு அடை- Step by step

      This week, we are posting recipes, which are authentic and represent out "Villages". Ragi or fingure millet, is one of the major crops, that is grown among wheat and rice. Now a days, people forgot this dietery fibre and running behind Carbs (rice). If we have mix of all grains in our diet, we will live healthy in this machanic worls. Try to include bajra,brown rice, ragi in your daily diet . Make these fibres in an interesting way, so that everyone in the family enjoys the goodness.
        This is yet another traditional of Tamil Nadu Vilalges. My mom used to prepare these adais, often to increase the iron content in our blood. They taste awsome, when we add drumstic leaves to it. Usually, mom prepares it for dinner or breakfast. This adia, doesn't need any accompaniment.Very healthy and tasty adai.

Preparation time : 10 mins
Cooking time : 10 mins
Yield : 6 Crepes

1.Ragi flour - 2 cups
2.Onion - 1/2 
3.Drumstick leaves - 1 cup
4.Salt - as needed
5.Water - as needed
6.Oil - for cooking

To grind :
1.Red chillies - 4 to 5
2.Garlic pods -  3 to 4
3.Fennel seeds - 1 tsp


* Take red chillies, garlic pods and fennel seeds in a mixie jar and grind them. The misture should be coarse. The red chillies are the only source for spiceness, so add according to your taste. Take a mixing bowl, add ragi flour and salt. Mix them well. 

* Add chopped onion, drumstick leaves and grinded red chilli misture to the flour. Add water little by little and form a pilable soft dough. Cover and keep it aside for 10 minutes.

* Divide the dough into equal sized balls. Grease a ziploc bag with oil. Traditionally, plantain leaf is used to pat the crepes. Since I didn't have one, used ziploc bags. Grease you hands and pat the ragi balls into thin rotis or crepes. Make sure , it should not tear. Take a tawa and cook the ragi crepes, by drizzling some oil all over.After a minute, flip it over and cook. This should be done in a medium flame. If not the crepes willnot cook well. 

When the crepes are cooked till bit crisp, remove them from heat and serve with any chutney. I prefer to have it as such, as it has all the spicyness.

* Drumstick leaves, should be cleaned very well and only the leaves are added to the dough.
* Adjust the amount of red chillies and garlic pods according to your taste.
* If you don't have drumstick leaves, just skip it. But it gives a good taste to the adai.
* Always use fresh ragi flour.
* Cook the adai, in medium flame, if not it will not cook properly.

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great-secret-of-life said...

I had this for my lunch! If u pass me the plate I can finish this too

Kurinji said...

healthy adai...

Mahalakshmi said...

Lovely adais..you msde me remember my grandma...:)

Anonymous said...

How else we can increase our iron?

Anonymous said...

I saw a packet of sprouted ragi flour. Don't know how good quality it is but what can we do with it since it's already sprouted?

Unknown said...

You can use with ragi flour which us sprouted . You can increase iron by consuming dates, drumstick leaves and sundakkai.

Anonymous said...

"Always use fresh ragi flour."
you mean freshly ground? how many days it will last after grinding?

Anonymous said...

but which specific dates everyone refers to? there are so many varieties. and how many per day per week? or you mean jujube?
ilanthai i think its called...

i tried taking few dates but it was too sweet i couldn't handle it or too dry and stale because quality is often no good.

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