Thursday, February 5, 2015

Heart Egg Cake - Baked Egg Omelette - Valentine's `Day Specials - Step by Step

    For this month's "Friendship 5 Series", we have chosen the theme as "Heart shaped food". So here I am with a easy egg cake aka baked egg omelette.Making a heart shaped egg omelette was in my mind for so long. But baking idea came, when saw these type of pictures in pinterest. So baked the egg with lot of vegetables and served it to my kids. We can also alter the recipe, by sauting the vegetables in oil. This will add some flavour to the egg. My version was quick and easy.Which is very suitable for kids. You can make it your version. Serve this for your valentine and impress them on Valentine's day.

Preparation time: 10 mins
Baking time : 20 -25 mins
Serves - 2

1.Eggs - 3
2.Mixed veges - 1/2 cup ( Carrot,Corn,Peas)
3.Salt - as needed
4.Pepper powder - as needed
5.Oil - for greasing
6.Water or milk - 2 tbsp


* Break eggs in a glass bowl. Since, Ashwath and I were there at home, used just 3 eggs. You can use any number of eggs, but make sure you pour it in a suitable bowl.This cake is not going to rise, still use appropriate pans.

* Beat the eggs, add salt and pepper to your taste. Since I prepared for Ashwath, used very little seasoning to the eggs. You can also use some crushed chilli flakes or some other spice.Add water or milk to the eggs , this will dilute the eggs and it will spread evenly.Don't use more water, if not the egg may break while leaving from the pan.

* I have used chopped carrots,corn and peas. You can also use spinach or cooked potato.Everything should be finely chopped, inorder to cook them uniformly.
* Pre heat the oven. Grese the pan with oil. We can also use muffin pans to bake this omelette. I had a heart shpaed pan, so used it. If you have silicone mold, it will be easy for releasing the cake. Instead of oil, we can also use non stick spray.

* Spread the veges evenly in the pan. Make sure, the gaps are filled well by the veges.`

* Pour the egg mixture to the pan.Make sure the egg mixture,fills the pan evenly.
* Bake the cake in the oven for almost 20 to 25 minutes, or untill the cake stops jiggling in the centre.

* Once done, remove the cake and cool it on a wire rack.Take a knife and run through the cake on its sides.Turn the pan over a plate and tap it. If its not coming out properly,use a pizza lifter and take the cake out. Using a non stick cooking spray,will help us getting the cake out.

* To have a different taste, we can also saute the veges in oil , add some curry powder and then add it to the pan.
* We can also add some flavours to the cake, by adding oregano.
* Take care,while removing from the pan.Some times,it will stick to the pan.So use a cooking spray or use a silicone pan to take it out easily.
* The veges can be altered according to our taste.
* We can also add some cheese on top of the egg mxture.
* If you don't have oven, then just steam the omelette in  idli cooker or rice cooker. Just place the pan inside the cooker.
* We can also, add the egg mixture first and spread the veges on top,for the cake to come out easily from the pan. The veges can be sauteed.
* If you don't have a heart pan, use a normal pan and bake. Then we can cut it according to our taste.


Hamaree Rasoi said...

Wonderful looking cake for the friendship series. Excellent preparation.
Deepa said...

Super healthy snack, nice idea Dear

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