Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Home made Ragi Idiyappam - கேழ்வரகு இடியாப்பம் - Breakfast ideas

      Things are getting well here in Charlotte ,NC. It was a hectic move for us. Actually,we were not prepared for the sudden move. But things changed quickly and we got settled to much warmer place,then Minnesota.Our cars and things came here last week.So we started un packing and arranging this weekend. This place is so calm and quiet. Its like a hill station ,with pleasant climate and tall trees.At times, it irritates me,as I am not a silent person.Not much friends around. Feeling home sick. If I sit like this for the next 2 days, I will become mad. So took my blog props and cooked a simple breakfast today.And hence the post.
    This particular canister was gifted to me ,by my friends ,during my send off in MN. Looks cute isn't ? Thank you "Vicksburg"- ians for the love ,you have showered on me.Hope to get some friends to get along here.

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Preparation time : 10 mins
Cooking time : 15 mins
Yield : 6 idiyappams

1.Ragi flour - 2 cups
2.Water - as needed
3.Salt - as needed
4.Oil - for greasing

To serve:
1.Idiyappam - 1 cup
2.Shredded coconut - 1/4 cup
3.Sugar - 3 tbsp
4.Cardamom pwdr- a pinch


* Take the flour,salt in a mixing bowl. The flour should be lump free, if not the idiyappam will not come properly. 
* Take the water in a bowl and bring it to rolling boil. The water has to be really hot. If the water is not rolling boiled, then the idiyappam cannot be pressed easily. So the water has to be boiled to its maximum temperature.
* While the water is boiling,lets grease the idli plates and the murukku press with oil completely. This will release the idiyappam out of the idli plate easily.We can also grease our hands ,while shaping the dough.

* Now pour the boiling water to the mixing bowl, little by little and form a very soft pilable dough. the dough has to be super soft, if not ,pressing the idiyappam will be very difficult. If the dough is sticky, we can also add little oil to make it non sticky.

* Divide the dough into  equal sized balls.Take the mururkku press and fill it with a ball.Press the idiyappam press and fill the plate. If you find it hard to press the murukku press, then boil some more water and add it to the mixing bowl.But the water has to be really hot. (Sorry I cudn't take the picture of filling and pressing the idiyappam . It was hard to handle both idiyappam press and the camera). 
* fill the bottom of the idli cooker with water and arrange the plates inside.Cook the idiyappam for 5 to 8 minutes, or untill the steam comes out.
* Take the plates out and let them sit for a while. Don't try to take the idiyappam ,when it is hot, then the idiyappam will stick to the bottom.When they are warm, store in hot pack.

Serving the idiyappam:
* While serving, take a plate, shred the idiyappam and place them on it.
* Crush the cardamom finely. Sprinkle sugar,coconut and cardamom powder to the idiyappam.
                                            Serve it with banana or pappad.

* Use fresh ragi flour, for a better taste.
* Boiling water to maximum temperature, yields soft idiyappms.
* We cannot store the dough   next day and make idiyappam. So prepare the idiyappam immediately.
* We can serve the idiyappam with sugar and coconut or we can temper some mustard seeds,urad dal and red chillies to make it savoury.
* We can store the cooked idiyappam till 2 days in refrigerator.
* Always crush cardamom pods as needed, to have aromatic idiyappam.


Kurinji said...

healthy one...

Divs said...

love this healthy ragi idiyappam recipe! very wwl explained too. this idiyappam also tastes great with a mixture of powdered jaggery and peanut ! :)

minnie@thelady8home said...

That looks absolutely delicious.

Anonymous said...

"Use fresh ragi flour, for a better taste.
Boiling water to maximum temperature, yields soft idiyappms."

how to know its boiled to maximum?
how to tell ragi flour is fresh? you mean grind it fresh yourself?

Unknown said...

Its better to grind the ragi in mill and store,this way, we know the flour is fresh. Or otherwise, check the expiry date in the ragi flour packet. The water should be bubbling, this means, it has reached its maximum boiling point.

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