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Killu Vadam - Fryums made using leftover rice - Step by step

      Killu vadam or killu vathal is made using left over rice. The name comes after the dough is pinched (Killu) and then dried . My great grand mother, would grind the left over rice with green chillies or red chillies in the stone grinder.We can also use chilli powder.And dry it under the sun. We would be sitting and watching for crows. Since the rice is cooked the day before, it has a unique taste, which cannot be got from the store bought ones. Our days during holidays were so happy ,with these vadam making process. The vadams has to be dried completely, to have a longer shelf life.Here in Charlotte, the sun light is good, but it has occasional rains too. So I was preparing everything in the midst of this not trustwprthy weather.So what are you waiting for, prepare this yummy fryums .

Soaking Time : 2 hrs
Preparation time : 20 mins
Drying time : 3 days
Yield : about 2 cups of vadam

1.Cooked Rice - 2 cups
2.Green Chillies - 6 green chillies or more
3.Cumin seeds - 1 tbsp
4.Pearl onion - 1 cup ( chopped)
5.Salt - to taste
6.Water - to soak the rice


* Take the cooked rice in a bowl and soak it in water for atleast 2 hrs.This will increase the volume of the rice. So this step is very essential . If we have left over rice we can also soak it overnight. I cooked the rice fresh  and soaked it in water. But traditionally it is prepared using left over rice.

 * Strain the rice well and add it to the blender. Throw the green chillies, and grind them well. I have used green chillies for the spice, but you can use red chillies or even chilli powder.
 * Chop the pearl onion ,cumin seeds and salt to the bowl . Mix all the ingredients well. Adjust the salt according to your taste.

 * Now take a plastic bag and spread it on a table. Start dividing the mixture and place the vadam in equal interval. Place some weights on all the corners. This is Day - 1. We can also keep the vadam on a dhothi or cotton saree, but it will take much time to dry ,compared to the plastic. In the evening brin the vadam inside and let it dry under a fan.
 Day - 2:
* Now again place the vadam under hot scorching sun. Now the vadam would have dried 40 % . Again in the evening, bring the vadam inside and dry it under the fan.
 Day - 3 
* On day -3 , the vadam would have shrink . So we can transfer them to plates and start drying them. At the end of the evening, the vadam would have dried completely. At my place, the sun is not that scorching, so it took me around 3 days. But if your place is so hot and humid, then it will dry quickly.
* Once the vadams are dried completely, then store them in air tight container . If the vadam  is dried properly, it will stay fresh for years.If not it may go stale.When your vadams are ready, heat a pan of oil .

* Fry the vadams in medium hot oil. don;t fry them in very hot oil. Because, the vadams may not cook completely.Strain the vadams and serve.

* Instead of green chillies, we can use red chillies or chilli powder, but the colour of the vadam will change.
* Adding onion, will make the vadam to dry late, if you want you can skip the onion to dry the vadam quickly.
* If the vadams are not dried well, then they may go stale.
* Adjust the spice level according to your taste.
* Since ,we are adding green chillies, it may change the colour of the vadam. But while frying it will be golden brown.

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meena said...

Love those fryums ...I too make it some timetimes but never tried with onion..looks delicious Savi.

Sayantani Mahapatra Mudi said...

thats such an useful recipe. marking this for using later.

Unknown said...

very tasty vadams.

Ms.Chitchat said...

You brought back memories of killu vadam, a regular preparation during summers esp. Loved it, thanks

minnie@thelady8home said...

Nice idea to use left over rice.

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