Sunday, October 31, 2010

Steamed Shark Crumbles (Sura Puttu)

 Sura puttu is a south indian delicacy and served as a side dish in most house holds.Small sharks are used for this recipe.But here in US we get only big ones.Though it doesnt match with the small ones,but fresh sharks are tasty.My mom used to do a lot,but this particular recipe is from my friend Sheena.

Sura Puttu!!!

1.Shark                        -     1 piece
2.Onion                       -      1/2
3.Green chillies           -      10
4.Garlic                       -       10 pods
5.Red chillies              -        3
7.G&G paste               -        1 tsp (optional)
7(a).Chilli pwdr          -        1 tsp (optional)
8.Curry laves

Fresh Shark!!!

*  Chop onions,green chillies and garlic.

Chopped onion,gren chillies,garlic,red chillies,curry leaves and cilantro

* Pressure cook the shark for 1 whistle with little turmeric pwdr and salt.Shred the shark as shown.

Steamed shark in crumbles

* In a pan add oil and splutter with mustard seeds,red chillies and curry leaves.
* Saute onion,till they becomes transparent.
* Dump in the garlic and green chillies. let it cook for a while.
* Add G&G paste and mix it well.
* I love to add chilli pwdr to spice up my dish.
* Adjust salt to taste.
* Now add the shredded shark into the pan.

Adding shark to the tempering.
* Give it a toss and garnish with cilantro.
* serve with rice.

Ready to serve....

Green chillies and red chillies can be reduced to ur spice level.More garlic pods will enhance the flavor.

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KrithisKitchen said...

Haven't tasted Sura puttu, though I have heard the name many time.... Yours looks so tasty..

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