Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Fish cutlet /Patties

We were invited for diwali to Saras and Thara home.After one lone some diwali, we had good time with their family.We had a  feast that day.My husband and me went crazy ,after having her fish cutlet.It was awsome.I took a oath that I shud try it imediately.Luckily i had a shark slice sitting at my home.Anxiously waited till sunday and prepared this wonderful dish.It came out really well.My husband's face lit up immediately when he saw these for lunch.This dish is full of nutrition and ofcourse less oil.
"Savitha's kitchen is all about healthy living and happy eating".Ok podhum build up,come lets see my little cuties.

Cutlet ready to serve!!!!

1.Shark                    -      1 pound
2.Onion                    -      1/2
3.Green chillies       -       4
4.Garlic                   -        5
5.Chilli pwdr          -        1/2 tbsp
6.Garam masala      -         1/4 tbsp
7.Soy sauce             -         1 tbsp
9.Bread slices         -        2

For coating:
1.Egg                   -       2
2.Bread crumbs   -        1 cup

* Cook the shark in a pan  with some salt and turmeric pwdr,until it is soft.
* Shred it and keep it aside.
* Chop onions,garlic and green chillies.
* Take another pan, add a tbsp of oil and saute onion,green chillies and garlic.
* Make sure that they do not over cook.
* Sprinkle chilli pwdr,garam masala pwdr and mix it well.
* Pour the soy sauce and mix with the onion well.
* Pour the contents into the shredded shark and knead it with the bread slices.
* There shud not be any lumps .
* Now add the chopped cilantro and form small patties .
Patties -ready to get coated...

* Take eggs in a bowl and dip the patties in it.
* Coat it with the bread crumbs and shallow fry it in a tava.
* If u have so many patties , then we can freeze it in the freezer after coating with bread crumbs.
* So whenever, we want ,we can just thaw it and fry it in a tava.

We can also add G&G paste.We can do veg cutlet the same way ,by adding all boiled veges and without egg wash,but with maida dip.
Fish Fry


Shanavi said...

Looking really good,...shobana panra de seekram ...haha

Unknown said...

Thanks sho...even u try this ,it will be tooo gud

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