Saturday, December 1, 2012

Kodi Kura / Andhra Chicken Curry - Best Chicken curry ever I had

          One sunday morning I was scraching my head for a new chicken recipe.When I  was flipping through my laptop,got this beautiful  recipe from the (Sailu's food ) net.Adding roasted cinnamon,cloves and curry leaves gives this curry a wonderful aroma.I have also added cashew paste to the curry,calorie watchers,can skip this,yet the taste will not be altered.Cumin  pwdr and coriander pwdr adds a magical touch to this curry,so don't try to skip these.But still it depends on your taste to alter the amount of the spices.When I tried it at home,the aroma of the spices filled my apartment completely.H was completely satisfoed with the taste and texture.I bet this curry will be your fav one soon.So why you are waiting? Make this curry ro make your Sunday's a brighter :)

For Marinating chicken:
1.Chicken                 -            1 pound
2.Curd                       -            2 tbsp
3.Sambar (chilli) pwdr -         2 tsp
4.Turmeric pwdr         -          a pinch
5.Salt                           -           1/4 tsp

For Roasting and grinding:
1.Cinnamon          -           1 inch
2.Cloves                -           3
4.Curry leaves        -          10 leaves

For grinding:
1.Cashews     - 6 to 7 (broken)
2.Warm milk - 3 tbsp

For the curry:
1.Onion                     -            2 big
2.Tomato                   -            1
3.Ginger garlic paste -             1 tsp
4.Coriander pwdr      -             1 tbsp
5.Cumin pwdr            -             1 tsp
6.Pepper pwdr            -              1 tbsp
7.Salt                           -               to taste
8.Cilantro                     -              for garnishing
9.Oil                             -              3 tbsp
10.Fennel seeds            -              1 tsp
11.Curry leaves             -              few
* Wash the chicken for 4 times and finally rub it with turmeric pwdr and wash it again.This removes the raw smell of the chicken.Marinate  chicken, with the marination ingredients for half an hour.
* Soak the broken cashews in warm milk for about half an hour and grind it into a fine paste.Dry roast the cinnamon,cloves separately,without burning it and roast the  curry leaves separately.Once they are cooled,grind it into a fine pwdr.
* Take a pan ,add oil,splutter with fennel seeds and few curry leaves.Add the sliced onions and saute till it becomes pink.Now throw in the chopped tomato and sprinkle some salt.When the tomatoes are mashed,add the ginger garlic paste and saute till it looses the raw smell.
* Now dump in the marinated chicken, and saute till it is cooked 80%. Now add coriander pwdr,cumin pwdr,pepper pwdr and give it a toss.Add enough water to the curry and bring it to boil.Now add the grinded masala pwdr ( Cinnamon,clove & Curry leaves) .Close the curry with a lid and cook.
* When the curry is cooked well,add the cashew - milk paste.Turn the stove to low and cover the curry with the lid.Cook for more 10 minutes or untill the chicken is tender.Garnish with cilantro and serve with roti,naan,parotta or rice.
* While roasting the cinnamon and cloves,take care not to blacken it.It may make the curry bitter.
* Keeping the curry in dhum for 10 to 15 minutes ,makes the curry flavourfull ,so dont forget to keep in dhum.
* Chicken will be tender & juicy,since we are marinating it.
* To make it healthier,we can also skip adding cashews.Other variations are we can also use coconut.


divyagcp said...

Delicious and flavorful chicken curry..
First time here and am your 200th follower.. :)

Unknown said...

Wow the curry looks so thick and delicious...drooling very badly...

Saraswathi Ganeshan said...

Delicious and flavourful curry.. Sure chicken lovers will go crazy for this curry..
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Sangeetha Priya said...

First time here, mouthwatering curry, happy to follow you...congrats for crossing more than 200 followers :-)

subhashini said...

Yummy and delicious food

Priya Suresh said...

Slurp,droolworthy chicken curry, totally agree with a fabulous curry to relish.

Priti said...


This recipe is from's also one of my favourite curries and coincidentally just made it today.....

Julie said...

flavorful one!
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Sangeetha Nambi said...

Am mouthwatering here...

Unknown said...

Thank u guys.Priti - thanks for mentioning.I forgot totally ,where i read this.It was written in my dairy long back.Now I have updated it.

raaji said...

tempting recipe i have to say... Rich color

USHA said...

Wow...looks tempting...wonderful writeup, going to try it for sure soon& will let you know...

Shanavi said...

Yes, the curry looks fab n I believe cos of the roasted masala's. Slurp

Lucky Vin said...

We wanted to try something spicy and non Keralite for a change.. and thought an Andhra dish would be delicious. That's when we chanced upon your recipe. Initially though we could make out the Andhra dish aroma, honestly the curry didn;t look too appealing..But upon putting those final masalas, OMG!!! It looked as good as the aroma we were getting from it :))
This curry came out fabulously!! Felt like we were eating from Nandhini's in B'lore!!! ;-) We'll surely put up a couple of pix and the recipe with a linkback on our site :)) Thanks Savitha for this awesome recipe!!!

Unknown said...

Thank u Lucky vin.I am on cloud nine.Hope u and ur family enjoyed this as much we enjoyed.

Lucky said...

ooh yes!!!We enjoyed it so much that we are planning to cook it once again for a potluck!! :)) It was wonderful with parathas!!

Lucky said...

Savitha, here's the link to y site for your recipe.. I have given 2 linkbacks to your site.. :))

Richa said...

I had made chicken only once before this, so I am definitely not an expert cook when it comes to chicken.
So my second attempt was with this recipe and it turned out great. Everyone in my house loved it and could not believe I had made it.
So for people who are looking at the comments to know how practical is the recipe, please don’t worry, it is quite simple and just follow it precisely. You will have a great chicken curry.
P.S. I excluded the cashew paste and it was still very tasty.

Anonymous said...

I have a very good and reliable recipe from my mother who is known as the best cook in my hometown (I'm not just saying that. It's true!) I just made chicken curry yesterday and it turned out really good. But I am intrigued by your marinating the chicken first and the cashew paste. I bet that would make my Mom's chicken even better. I'll have to try it next time. Thank you!

Dhaniya chicken said... blog with super duper recipes and photos.Love to follow uu.
Curry look super delicious.

Vidhya said...

Hi Savitha..

Excellent one..what is the secrect to the color of the curry..i never get this colour. Is it type of tomato that u used?

Unknown said...

Thank you Vidhya .The colour will come like this,when we fry the onion till golden brown.One more point is,when we keep in dum at the end,oil will ooze out from the chicken and make it colourfull. Apart from this,we also edit it in picasa to show its brightness.cheers.

Vidhya said...

Thanks Savitha..I will try this soon and update you with the results..keep up the good work :)

Unknown said...

So yummy and mouth watering
i love to cook to my link is

Unknown said...

I plan to make this tonight upon my husbands request. What do you mean by pepper powder in the recipe? Is it ground black pepper or hot chili pepper (1 tbsp of which would make the curry too hot, I suppose).

Unknown said...

Looks great! What do you mean by "pepper powder"? Is it ground up black pepper?

Unknown said...

Sorry for the delay in answering your query.I am in vacation in "India".Its the black pepper powder.Not the red or green pepper.

Shilpa said...

I tried this yesterday. Came out excellent & everyone loved it.
I skipped the cashew & milk part. I made a paste of fried onion, tomato, ginger, garlic. Also added some roasted coconut while making the paste. Then after returning the paste to the pan, added the chicken and the spice powders as mentioned in the recipe.
Thanks for the awesome recipe. I'll be making it again & again.

vantakam said...

I love Indian non veg recipes. Especially Andhra chicken curry recipe. This is best combination for Jonna rotte recipe i think so. Thanks for sharing. Best platform for learners who are trying to learn how to cook south Indian recipes.

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