Saturday, September 25, 2010

About Me

Hi ,
I am savitha ramesh.I am happy to welcome u all to "Savitha's Kitchen".I not only cook for reason, I cook with passion.As a food lover,the inspirations came from my mom,my mother in law,my friends and the list keep going on and on.when I got married, I know nothing. I started cooking when I came to Dallas with my husband and kid.I started from the scratch.Inital days were so problamatic.....But I lost no hope.started learning and now , I am confident that I can giv u wonderful recipes, which I hav tried again and again.Cooking according to me is a learning process , which has no end at all.I think I am boring. ok.lets get started into the recipes..

A hearty welcome to my viewers and awaiting for ur valuable comments

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