Sunday, September 26, 2010

Yam fry (Seppan kizhangu fry)

Yam frys are all time favorites and it goes well with all kind of food.Here in US there are so many kinds of yams available.But the one which we get in indian stores are just the one , which we get in india.Others dont taste the way we tasted there in india. I hav taken 5 medium sized yams.

Boil the yams in a pot of water with little salt.Cut the boiled pieces into semi circles, as shown in the picture.

In a pan add oil,mustard seeds and curry leaves.Once the mustard seeds get splattered , add hing to the oil.Take a tbsp of chillie pwdr and turmeric pwdr , mix it in the oil. After the chilli pwdr looses its raw smell add the yams and fry. Add salt to taste. Make sure the yams are crispy.

Wow wat a color and texture.This goes very well with curd rice, bisibela bath..........

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