Saturday, September 25, 2010

Fish fry

Fish fry is one of the dishes I cherish, in my MIL 's cooking.She is awsome .She just grinds masalas by hand in an ammi and marinates the fish.This is an authentic dish which has routes in chidambaram, my husband's native.Its famous for its Natarajar temple and the famous "Annamalai University".So this has a long history and so is the taste. I can bet that nothing beats this dish.

1.Freshly cut tilapia fillets - 2
3.garlic pods - 4 pods
4.fennel seeds -1 tsp
5.chilli pwdr - 1 tbsp
6.turmeric pwdr _ 1/2 tsp
7.tamarind juice - 2 tbsp

* wash the tilapia fillet and cut into pieces
* grind ginger,garlic and fennel seeds in a grinder and make it into a fine paste
* In a bowl, add chilli pwdr,turmeric pwdr,salt and the mixture which we grinded.
* make it into a paste by adding the tamarind juice.
* marinade the fish for 1 hr and then in a tava, shallow fry the fish.

If u r in india and have a ammi, just grind the ginger -garlic in that.This will surely enhance the taste and flavor.
Fish Fry

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