Saturday, September 25, 2010

Butter Naan

Butter naans are cooked mostly in ovens.Wat i learnt from my experience is ,oven cooked are some times go dry.So i tried cooking naan in a normal tava.It came out very well.
Buttered Naan!!!
1.All purpose flour - 2 cups
2.yeast - 1 tbsp
3.curd - 2 tbsp
4.sugar - 1 tsp
5.salt - 1 tsp

Method :
* desolve the yeast in a cup of water for a minute and make a dought using this yeast water,with sugar ,salt and curd.
* Make the dough a bit sticky, so that it can be expanded well.

Naan Dough ready for fermentation....
* make the dough to ferment it for atleast 4 hrs.
* After fermentation , the dough is raised to double the size.

Dough doubling after fermentation..........
* Divide it into small balls .
* Roll it as chapathi by dusting small amt of maida flour and just cook it in the tawa.

Cooking in Tawa!!!!!
Now Our Naan is ready. U can serve after spreading butter on it
The best combination with naan is paneer butter masala.Panneer butter masala recipe, i will post it asap

Paired with Panneer Butter Masala..

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