Monday, June 30, 2014

Thai coconut sticky rice - Rice pudding with coconut sauce - International Food Challenge - Step by step

Usually, when I recieve the recipes for challenges, I will start to prepare after 15 days of recieving it. But when Sangeetha Priya of "Nitha's Kitchen" gave us the thai recipes, I didn't waste any of my time and prepared the dessert immediately. The reason was , I had mangoes in my pantry , begging me to prepare something. Another reason, this dessert was in my to do list for so long. Thank you Sangeetha. Thai suisine, is always my favourite. Be it the red thai curry or golden curry, or crab rice, love the thai cuisine to the core. We had a small Thai restaurant near our house in Irving. It was so cute with very good ambience and decor. I would always want to try thai red curry. I have also tried thai chicken curry from Sangeetha's list, but have not pictured it.Enjoy this simple heavenly pudding with fresh cut mangoes.

Preparation time : 15 minutes
Cooking time : 20 minutes
Serves : 4

For the sticky rice:
1.Sticky rice or raw rice - 1/4 cup
2.Water - 2 cups
3.Second milk of coconut - 1/2 cup
4.Sugar - 2 tbsp
5.salt - a pinch
6.Mangoes - few pieces to serve with.

For the sauce :
1.First milk of coconut - 1 cup
2.Corn sflour - 1 tsp
3.Sugar - 1/4 cup

* Wash and soak the rice for atleast 5 minutes. Grind coconut in a blender and extract the first milk and reserve for the sauce. Add more water to the coconut and extract the second milk out of it.Cook the rice in boiling water for atleast 10 minutes or untill it is mashed well.Add salt to the rice.When the rice is cooked well, pour the second milk of coconut on top and sugar, let it soak well, till we prepare the coconut sauce.
* While the rice is soaking in the coconut milk, we can prepare the coconut sauce. Take little corn flour and add it to the first milk of coconut.Let it dissolve in it well. Pour the coconut milk in a pan and cook it till it becomes thick. Now add sugar to the sauce and mix it.
* The coconut sauce is ready now.While serving, take a bowl, scoop out the rice and drizzle the coconut sauce. Serve with freshly cut mangoes.Adjust sugar to your taste.

* Traditionally, this pudding is cooked using sticky rice, which we get in Asian supermarket.Since I was not able to get hold of that, used normal cooking rice.
* The rice has to be cooked very well.
* The coconut sauce has to be thick to seve.
* We can also flavour it up using cardamom.
* Fresh mangoes works well with this pudding.
* Adjust sugar according to your taste.


great-secret-of-life said...

my fav dessert.. looks yum

Unknown said...

Delicious rice

Kurinji said...

Tempting and colorful rice....

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the sticky rice recipe:)

nandoos kitchen said...

wow! this looks super..

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