Sunday, January 9, 2011

Chicken Fried Rice

Fried rice. is the  best way to serve veges to our kids,If prepared in a healthier way.I used to prepare ,once in a month.This time, wanted to do chicken version.It was fabulous and went well with oven roasted chicken 65 .Will post the recipe soon.


For Cooking Rice:
1.Basmati rice             -          2 cups
2.Water                       -           3 cups
3.Oil                           -            few drops

For frying:
1.Onion                      -            1
2.Garlic                     -             4 pods
3.Ginger                    -             1/2 inch
4.Green chillies        -              2
5.Carrot                    -              1
6.Peas                       -              1/2 cup
7.Colored capsicum -               1/2  cup
8.Spring onions        -                1 tbsp (optional)
9.Cilantro                -               hand full
10.Eggs                    -               1 (optional)

Flavouring agents;
1.Pepper pwdr          -              2 tbsp
2.Ajinomotto             -              2 tsp
3.Soy sauce               -              1 tbsp
4.Vinegar                   -              1 tsp

For cooking chicken:
1.Chicken pieces       -             1/2 cup
2.G&G paste             -              1 tsp
3.Turmeric pwdr       -              1/2 tsp
4.Garlic                     -              4 pods
5.Green chillies        -               2
6.Pepper pwdr          -               1 tbsp
7.Salt                        -                1 tsp


* Cook the rice with all the other ingredients and cool it off  in a plate for half an hour.I used rice cooker.We can also cook the rice on stove top and strain the water.The ultimate motto is to get non sticky rice.If u have leftovers in ur fridge, then it will be very apt for fried rice.

Cooking chicken:
* Wash and pressure cook the chicken with G&G paste ,salt and turmeric pwdr,for 2 whistles.When the pressure is released,remove the bones and cut into small pieces.
* Grind garlic and green chillies together into a fine paste.Take a pan add very little oil and saute this paste and slowly add the cooked chicken pieces.Adjust pepper and salt to the chicken and keep it aside.

* Slice all the veges,including onion ,ginger and garlic into thin slices.
* Take a wide pan,add oil , saute onion,ginger and garlic slices.
* Now slowly dump in the veges and give it a stir.
* Scrumble egg and add it to the mixture.
* Now slowly add the seasonings and toss it.
* Mix the cooked rice and adjust salt to taste.
* Now sprinkle cooked chicken and spring onions .
* Garnish with cilantro and serve with any dry or ketch up.

For more Indo chinese dishes go here.....


Asiya Omar said...

superb,i used to make always, my method is little different savitha.

Nisa Homey said...

Really yummmy fried rice...would love to have it with chilly chicken.

Pavani said...

delicious n tempting fried rice..must try.Bookmarked it.

Priya Suresh said...

Very inviting and tempting fried rice..

Chanchal said...

Looks perfect..
Just want to grab some now..


Swathi said...

Awesome fried rice Savitha.

Reva said...

very nice recipe could not be more easier then this and looks yummy too.

Reshmi said...

love the click.. fried rice looks so tempting..!

Also, there is a small giveaway in my blog.. Do participate in it!

Soumya said...

wow...mouth watering clicks...very healthy and super delicious fried rice

Suja Manoj said...

Superb and tempting fried rice dear.

Pavithra Elangovan said...

Fried Rice looks super yumm :)

Treat and Trick said...

So colorful and yummy rice, looks appetizing!


LOVE your fried rice...thanks for sharing...Pass me the bowl of it...

Ambreen said...

Looks really good!Thanks for sharing the recipe.

Unknown said...

Wow..very nice i will try it soon
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