Saturday, December 4, 2010

Aloo Bonda ( Potato Stuffed Dumplings)

Aloo bonda is a very famous street  food  in south india.I remember the rainy days, where we used to buy it from local teas shop.The taste can never match five star hotels.Me and my siblings will have a tug of war to have a big portion.Hmm I am missing chennai a lot....To compensate that, I started preparing everything at home.Today we had a guest and when I served him with this aloo bonda , he was totally surrendered to the taste.I was delighted .Wat gift can a cook get other than appreciations abt her cooking.....He made my day..


For Stuffing:
1.Potatoes             -       2
2.Onion                 -       1/2
3.Green chillies    -        3
4.ginger                 -        1/2 inch
5.Curry leaves       -       1 spring

For Batter:
1.Besan flour          -       1 cup
2.Cooking soda       -       a pinch
3.Kesari Color        -       a pinch
4.Salt                       -       to taste

* Boil the potatoes and chop onion,ginger,green chillies finely.
* Take a pan,add oil , splutter with mustard seeds and cumin seeds.
* Saute all the ingredients  under " Stuffing" ,except cilantro.
* Add cilantro at the last and mix it well.Keep the mixture in the fridge for half an hour.
* Divide the mixure into equal parts and roll them into small balls.
* Take a mixing bowl ,add all the ingredients under " for Batter" and form into a batter,by adding little water.
* The consistancy shud be like a bajji batter or it can be slightly thicker.
* Now dip the potato balls in the batter and deep fry them.
* Serve hot with ketch up.

We can aslo add rice flour to make the bondas crisper.


Padhu Sankar said...

Wow so tempting pictures !! I love it very much

Kurinji said...

looks so...... tempting!

Saraswathi Ganeshan said...

Makes me drool.....looks yummy

Nisa Homey said...

My fav...Yummmmmmmmy looking bona.

Biny's Recipes said...

That looks perfect....we call it batata it.

Priya Sreeram said...

screams grab me ! yumm!!

Swathi said...

Crispy outer covering and yummy interior. Love bonda with coffee.

Shanavi said...

arumai savi...Nice click...I love the gundu bonda... :)

Suja Manoj said...

Makes me nostalgic..lovely and delicious tea time snack.

Puja said...

Ooo..crispy n perfect aloo bonda..yum yum!

US Masala

Urmi said...

aloo bonda looks crispy, yummy an mouth watering. Wonderful presentation. Feel like having it now. Perfect for snacks.

Priya Suresh said...

Feel like grabbing, very tempting aloo bonda..

Unknown said...

wow, very very tempting picture. Want to just grab and have one :)

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