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Diwali is nearing, and my mind started revolving around chennai.My mother wud have started preparing all snacks and sweets.We all will sit around the stove and look at those snacks getting ready.But we will never try untill it is offered to god.We all will got to sleep ,with greater hope and happiness the next day we are going to have.
Early morning we will get up and have ganga snanam ,wear new dress and run to the street and fire all crackers.I will be a decent spectator and with limited crackers.My sis will be the one who fires all big bombs.I love to watch all kids roaming and firing crackers in our streets.Hmm Those are memorable days.
Here I am going to giv u my MIL and mom's recipe of murukku.Its a very easy and quick recipe.Within half an hour u can finish this recipe.


1.Rice Flour                       -   1 cup
2.Urad flour  (sieved)         -   1/ 4 cup
3.Cumin seeds                     -   1 tbsp
4.Butter                                -   1 tbsp
5.Hing                                  -   a pinch
6.Oil for frying

* Mix all the ingredients together , add little water and make a dough.Add salt to taste.
* Make sure that the dough is soft and non-sticky.

Soft murukku dough
* Take a muruku press and form small circles in the skimmer as shown.

Or we can use simple round mould in the murukkku press

Updated picture'

* We can also press the murukkus on a aluminium foil or Ziploc cover in batches and transform them in to the oil.
* Keep the stove on medium and fry murukkus untill the bubbles siezes out.
* Wipe off excess oil using a tissue and store it in a air tight container.
* It will be tasty and perfect one for Diwali.

All flours are available in any indian shop.But I fried urad dal , powdered in mixie and sieved.
If u dont have a siever,never mind, use ur steel tea filter.I used my tea filter.If u want a spicy murukku u can add chilli pwdr to the dough.
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