Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Coconut Laddoo with a rava twist ( Diwali encounter)

 My Diwali sweets ends with this special sweet.I was abt to prepare  coconut burfi,but matters changed when my syrup got me into  tragedy.So i gave a twist by adding rava to the sweet.Believe me it tasted awsome.When i gave to my friends,they said it remainded there childhood days,where we get these rava-coconut laddoo from sonpappadi vendor.I was thrilled to hear these comments as it was abt to be wasted.From now on, my perception abt cooking got a new turn.The moral is"We can adjust anything and form a new dish".It was a thrilling - wonderful experience and i shud thank saras for giving me valuable ideas.
Coconut rava laddoo!!!

1.Shredded coconut                      -     4 cups
2.Roasted Rava                             -     1/2 cup
3.Sugar                                         -       2 cups
4.Condensed milk                        -        2 tbsp
5.Ghee                                          -        2 tbsp
6.Cardamom pwdr                       -        1 tsp

* In a pan, add sugar and cover it with water.
* Bring it to one string consistancy, i.e when u place the syrup in a plate,it shud not move.
* It shud be like a pearl.
* At this point, add  coconut  and mix it well.
* Let it mix well with the syrup.
* Now add rava and mix it.
* Chk the sweetness now,if u feel it is low, then add the condensed milk.
* Finish the sweet by adding  ghee and sprinkling some cardamom pwdr.
* At this point, the mixture wud have become thick ,with no water.
* Then its ready to shape .
* Now take it from the stove and grease ur palm with ghee.
* Shape them into small balls.
* Cool the balls in a plate and transfer it to a air tight container.
* Refrigerate it,as it has coconut.

If u dont want to add condensed milk, then go ahead and replace it with 2 cups of sugar.
Coconut Barfi


Priya Sreeram said...

really tempting---- superaaa irukku!

Unknown said...

Thanks priya...ur comments keep focussed

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