Saturday, November 27, 2010

Chicken Burger (Indian Style - Grilled)

Burgers are my family's favourite.But I still think store bought  burgers  are  missing something.Yes it is missing ,Indian spices.So I planned to prepare it at home,with indian spices.Its a easy process and prepared within half an hour, excluding marination time.We can prepare the patties and freeze them for future use.Whenever we r too tired, just thaw the patties and grill them, ur dinner will be ready in minutes.

Grilled chicken Burger!!!

Yield  :        6 Patties

For Patties:
1.Boneless Chicken        -                300 gms
2.Potato                         -                 1 ( big)
3.Egg                             -                  1
4.Onion                          -                  1
5.Green Chillies              -                   4
5(a).G&G paste             -                    1 tbsp
6.Red Chilli pwdr           -                    1 tsp
7.Garam Masala pwdr   -                    1 tsp
8.Cilantro                       -                  Few springs    
9.Mint Leaves                -                   few springs
10.Bread Crumbs           -                    1 cup

For Burger:
1.Seeded Buns               -          2
2.Mayonnise                   -          2 tbsp
3.Sliced Onion                -          4
4.Sliced Tomato              -           4
5.Shredded Cheese         -           1 tbsp
6.Lettuce                         -           1 leaf

* Boil potato fully.
* Mince chicken in a blender to soft chunks.
* Take a pan add a tbsp of oil, saute chopped onion..
* Saute till onion oozes out oil , add chopped Green chilies.
* when both onion and green chillies are blended together , add G&G paste.
* Allow it to loose its raw smell,now add red chilli pwdr and toss it.
* Turn off the heat after chilli pwdr looses its raw smell.
* Take a mixing bowl,add the sauteed onion mixture.
* Add,boiled potato,egg,garam masala pwd,salt,pepper pwdr,minced  mint leaves,cilantro   and  minced chicken.
* Mix them well with a tsp of oil and blend it together.
* Keep the marinated mixture for half an hour in fridge, to remove extra moisture.
* Remove the mixture after half an hour and now it wud be ready for patting.
* Now add half cup of bread crumbs and mix it.
* Divide the mixture into equal sized balls.
* Pat each ball into a patty,coat it with remaining bread crumbs.
* Grill it ,by spraying cookin oil.
* Cook for 4 - 5 mins and flip it over.
* Cook for another 4 mins or until, it is cooked well.
Toast the buns and apply mayonnise on each side.Stack   Lettuce ,onion,tomato slices, and grilled chicken patty.Sprinkle shredded cheese on top of the patty .Enjoy the burger.

We can also fry the patties in tava.We can freeze the remaining patties, by wrapping each patty in a plastic wrap.This will help us in separating each patty ,without any breakage.
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Biny's Recipes said...

Completely agree with wat u say....Mc Donalds have a competetor now.The burger looks really goodand tempting.

Puja said...

Awesome looking chicken burger..very nicely done!

US Masala

Unknown said...

Ha ha ha.. thank u biny and aipi

Saraswathi Ganeshan said...

Nice click Savitha

Priya Suresh said...

Very inviting and truly tempting burger..

Swathi said...

Very nice Burger, it has the favorite ingredients.

Unknown said...

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Mounika said...

Yummy chicken burger.This is looking awesome.I need to book a chicken burger now.I find discount coupons at Foodpanda coupons at Grabon India.

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