Friday, November 12, 2010

Indian style fried rice

To make ur family eat all veges, this is a best dish.As it has all veges sauteed well with rice.
This fried rice has all indian ingredients ( ajinomotto is optional).It is very appealing for kids.A good way to feed them veges.

0.Basmati rice             -       1 1/2 cups
1.Beans                         -       10
2.Carrot                        -       1
3.Peas                           -       1 cup
4.Onion                         -       1
5.Green chillies              -        4 to 5
6.G&G paste                -           1 tbsp
7.Garlic                         -         4 to 5 pods
8.Ajinomotto                 -        a pinch (optional)
9.Pepper pwdr              -       1 tbsp


* Wash and cook basmati rice with 3 cups of water and a tbsp of oil.
* Once they are cooked,dry them in a wide mouthed pan.
* This helps the rice to be non-sticky.
* Chop onion,veges ,garlic finely.
* Take a pan , add  a tbsp of oil and fry onion ,green chillies till it is light brown.
* Saute garlic and G&G paste well with onion.
* Dump in all the veges and saute them by sprinkling some salt.
* This helps the veges to get cooked.
* Add a pinch of ajinomotto to the veges.
* Sprinkle the rice evenly into the pan and toss it well.
* Now add pepper pwdr and mix it well.
* Serve hot with sauce or ketchup.

These ingredients are to my spice level.If u want to have less spicy,then cut down green chillies to 2 and half tbsp of pepper pwdr.


Priya Sreeram said...

migavum arumaiyaga ulladhu! yummy!

Unknown said...

Very Yummy pulao...

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