Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Rava Kitchadi

Rava Kitchadi is the most popular dish of south India,where it is served as breakfast or dinner.It is a spicy combination of  vegetables and rava.It is a very light dinner for diabetic patients.Its colourful texture will appeal to kids a lot.Moreover it is very easy and less time consuming.

Rava Kitchadi

1.Roasted rava                     -      1 cup
2.Mixed veges                      -       1 cup
3.Onion                                 -      1/2
4.Tomato                              -        1
5.Green chillies                   -         2
6.G&G paste                        -        1 tsp
7.chilli pwdr                        -        1 tsp ( optional)
8.turmeric pwdr                   -        1/ tsp
9.whole garam masala         
10.Curry leaves

All ingredients..
* Chop onion,green chillies and tomato.
* In a pan add oil and splutter with whole garam masalas and curry leaves.
* Saute onions and green chillies until it looses its texture.
* Dump in the tomatoes.Sprinkle some salt to cook it fast..
* Add the mixed veges to the pan and give it a stir.

* Add turmeric pwdr and chilli pwdr and mix it well.
* Adjust salt to taste.
* Add 3 cups of water and bring it to boil.
* Now add the rava slowly by mixing it well.

* Turn ur stove to low,as it needs to cook slowly.
* When the kitchadi becomes non sticky and oozes out oil, turn off the stove and sprinkle some chopped cilantro.
* Now grease a tsp of ghee to a cup and fill it with kitchadi.
* Place a plate on the cup and turn it upside down.
* This forms as a cup of kitchadi.
Enjoy ur dinner/breakfast with chutney or pickle.

It is up to u ,to add chilli pwdr or not.And also u can roast the rava again ,if u want.

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