Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Chicken Biriyani ( Anjappar style)

Chicken biriyani is a one pot dish, where chicken is marinated in spices and cooked with  rice .Its a famous South Indian dish I still remember the days ,when we had chicken biriyani at 'Anjappar '.No one can say no to those juicy chickens .I was longing for those anjappar style biriyani ,here in US.Since I cudnt get that,  started searching for good biriyani recipes and ended in this.Its very easy and simple.My husband just loves this biriyani.He was bugging me to do that for long time.To brighten up his face, I did this today.

1.Chicken                       -    1 pound
2.Basmati rice                 -    2 cups
3.Onion                          -     1 ( big)
4.Tomatoes                    -      11/2 (big)
5.Green chillies               -       5
5 (a)Chlli pwdr               -     1 tbsp
5(b) G&G paste             -     1 tbsp
6,Whole garam masalas ( 1 inch cinnamom stick,4 cardamoms,5 cloves,a pinch of jaadhikkai,few bayleaves)
7.Mint leaves                  -      hand full
8.Cilantro                       -      hand full
9.Ghee                           -      1/2 cup
10.Oil                            -       1/2 cup

* Wash and soak basmati rice for 15 mins
* Chop onion length wise and cut tomatoes into chunks.
* Slit green chillies.
* Wash and cut chicken .
* In a pressure cooker, add a tbsp of ghee and fry the soaked basmati rice ,till it turns slight yellow color.

* In the same pan,add ghee ,oil and splutter with whole garam masalas .
* Dump in onion,green chillies and sprinkle some salt.
* When the onion becomes, translucent add tomatoes and sprinkle some salt.
* This makes tomato to cook fast.
* Now add chicken and toss it with G&G paste.
* Allow chicken to cook until it turns white color .
* Now add the chilli pwdr and mix well.
* Turn on the heat to high and make sure u cook chicken well,without any moisture.
( But dont over cook it)
* Now add 4 cups of water and bring it to boil.Now turn ur stove to medium low.

* Slowly add the fried basmati rice and mix it with mint leaves and half of cilantro .
* Adjust salt to taste.
* Close the cooker ,after adding 1 tsp of ghee and  cook it for 1 whistle.( this ghee will enhance the flavor)
* Turn the heat to low and keep in dhum for 15 mins.
* Remove the whistle and transfer immediately to another container.
* This makes the rice non-sticky.
* Garnish with remaining cilantro and serve with raitha.
I am thankful for my friends Sheena and Manju for teaching me this recipe, in my initial days of cooking.

I am sending this dish to Akila's event.

Also sending this recipe to Dr.Sameena's event


Shanavi said...

looking yum !!!!

Unknown said...

Thanks machi

Leela Ramesh said...

Hi Savitha,

I was looking for a different biryani recipe the one which can give me restaurant taste and stumbed upon your blog.

I had some doubts but the result was amazing.
Thanx for this recipe, I will bookmark this and pass it on to my friends as well.

Thanks to you and your friends.

Unknown said...

Yhank u leela for trying....

Anonymous said...

Hi savitha,
Do you any complimentary veg or non veg gravy with this?
My mom was suggesting arachu vitta kari kuzhambu.

I'm cooking briyani again today ;-)

Unknown said...

yes we can have kozhi kuzhambu as a side.thanks for trying dear.

Natarajan Kumaraswamy said...

Hi Savitha,

I prepared this briyani for my wife's birthday and it came out really well. My wife liked it a lot. Thanks for the receipe.


Anonymous said...

Hi Savitha,

I have tried this recipe several times and every time it has come out awesome. Thanks for posting this.

Anonymous said...

Today I am trying this.. Hope it will come out well...

Anonymous said...

One doubt.. You have mentioned -cook the mixture for one whistle and then put for 15 mins under Dhum-- What should I do regarding the whistle ? Sorry could be a dumb question but am new to cooking. Thanks.


Unknown said...

Hi dear,
No issues,whatever the doubt,I 'am ready to answer any question.Keep the cooker in the flame,untill you get a whistle.After that keep the flame to low and cook for more 5 minutes..This is called dhum.

geetha said...

It was Sooo Good.Thanks for the recipe...

Frenie said...

I really enjoy your site and this delicious recipe.. I like the presentation, it is really simple yet very organize .. Keep it up !! thanks for sharing :)

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