Saturday, November 13, 2010

Masala Vadai ( Chana dal patties)

Masala Vadai is a south indian snack,where chanadal is grinded with all other spices and fried as patties.
Its crispyness makes us crazy  .My mom does it very well,We will finish it off ,right from the pan.
Wat a rainy day is ,without  a cup of coffee and hot masala vadai? Remembering those days spent on chennai with my family....hmm adhu oru azhagiya mazhaikkalam.

Crispy masala vadai!!!
1.Chana dal                       -          2 cups
2.Onion                             -           1
3.Green chillies                -            7
4.Garlic                            -             4
5.Fennel seeds                -             1 tbsp
6.Curry leaves                -             1 spring
7.Mint                             -              few springs
8.Cilantro                        -              few springs

* Wash and soak chana dal for 1 hr.
* Add 4 green chillies,1/2 tbsp of fennel seeds ,salt and grind them in two batches.
* The first batch can be grinded finely.
* The second batch has to be grinded coarsely.
* Chop onion,remaining 3 green chillies.
* Crush garlic pods and mince curry leaves,cilantro & mint leaves.
* Take a mixing bowl, add grinded chana dal ,remaining fennel seeds and add all other ingredients.
* Mix them well .
* Adjust salt to taste.
* Divide them into equal sized balls and pat them.
* Fry each patties well in hot oil.

Serve hot with chutney or sauce.


Priya Sreeram said...

i love paruppu vadai---- they r soooooo tempting! lovely

Anonymous said...

Actually,we have two diff tastes, my hubby loves medhu vadai..

Anonymous said...

Do we use split peas or China dhal

Unknown said...

we use split pea.

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