Monday, November 22, 2010

My 100 th Post -- Jangri

I am now posting my 100 th post.I am grateful to all my friends,fellow bloggers and well wishers, who encouraged me by posting comments,suggestions.To celebrate that, I did Jangri today.Its my favourite and used to wonder how its my childhood.Vah Chef gave a detailed description of making it.With so many preparations and hurdles, it came out really well.I dedicate this to my husband Ramesh ( My Best Critic,Guide) and my cute kid.Here goes the recipe.


For Batter:
1.Urad dal                         -      1 cup
2.Rice flour                      -       1 tbsp
3.Orange color                 -       1/4 tsp
4.Salt                                 -      1/4 tsp

For Syrup:
1.Sugar                              -        1 1/2 cups
2.Water                             -        1/2 cup ( or till it covers the sugar)
3.Vinegar                          -         1/2 tbsp
4.Rose water                    -          4 drops
5,orange color                  -          a pinch

Method :

Batter :
* Soak urad dal over night and grind it to a smooth batter,adding little water.
* Add salt and orange color into the jar and grind it again, this makes the color to mix uniformly.
* When u take the batter in ur spoon and drop it, it shud drop like a thread.
This is the right consistancy.If u feel that the batter is thin, then u can add more rice flour to make it thicker.
* Take a zip loc bag,pierce a hole in the centre using a hot pin.( I cudnt get any , so used a board pin).The hole can be,  little big.U can check the size of the hole by practising jangri in a plate.If u feel it is bit small, then u can make it bigger using the same pin.
* Now fill the batter into the bag and keep it ready.

* Take a bowl and add sugar.Cover it with enough water and bring it to a 1 string consistancy.
Dilute vinegar with a tbsp of water and keep it ready.
When u reach this consistancy, switch off the stove and add vinegar concentrate immediately.This will stop the syrup from becoming crystal.Now add rose water,a pinch of orange color and keep it aside.

* Take a plate and practice drawing jangris.U can draw any shape- which u r comfortable.
* Now heat oil in a pan and draw jangris into it as shown.Make sure oil is medium heat.If it is very hot, then ur jangris will cook faster and become brittle.If ur oil is of less heat, then ur jangris will absorb oil.

* Flip the jangris to the other side and cook till it is rigid or till the bubbles stop.I used a chop stick to remove jangris from the pan, u can also use vadai kambi.
* Immediately dip jangris into the syrup and let it absorb the syrup.Flip it over and remove it within 1 minute.If u leave it more time, then ur jangris will become soggy.

Let the jangris rest in a plate for another half an hour and store it in a air tight container.I got around 40 plus jangris .It depends on the size of jangri and the size of the hole in ur bag.I made medium size.

* I used India bought urad dal- it gives more jangris, than the one we get here.
* I used mixie to grind the batter, still i got soft fluffy jangris, may be because of gud urad dal.
* U can use lemon juice instead of vinegar.
* Remove all ur bangles,rings as it may become hot and hurt u when u prepare jangris directly into the pan.
* Keep one more ziploc bag with hole ready.Bcoz if ur bag gets heated and pours out, then u can change the bag.
* Grind batter smooth and fluffy.
* Adding of rice flour makes ur jangris, slightly crispy.

Dont get panick at any time,We can manage well.Happy cooking.......

I am sending this to Aipi's Book marked Recipes


Pushpa said...

Congrats Savitha,Jangri looks mouthwatering...

Pappu said...

drool drool.... jangiri looks delicious n nice color:)

Unknown said...

Thank u Pushpa and Shalini..

Saraswathi Ganeshan said...

Super Savitha, Looking Delicious

Shanavi said...

omg, am drooling here..Loving the colours and simply superb de Savi..Looks awesome and Congrats for the successful outcome .What abt me and my share of jangiri ?!

Treat and Trick said...

Congrats on ur 100th post, looks perfect and delicious...

Priya Sreeram said...

congrats savitha--- u r 100 posts old--- that is awesome! These jangris have me drooling! Rock on Gal

Unknown said...

Thank u gals...
@ Shanavi, stop by my home di, u ll get a box.

Puja said...

Hi Savitha..congratulations on you 100th post...such an accomplishment :)..and what a perfect way to celebrate this milestone with these perfectly made jangris..awesome job..keep up the good work !

US Masala

Kurinji said...

Congrats on ur 100th post n sweet looks yummy!

Padhu Sankar said...

Hi Savitha

Thanks for dropping by my site Congrats on your 100 th post.You have lot of patience .Jangri looks awesome .I have never tried this at home.
Keep rocking!!

Puja said...

and..thanks a lot for linking this to bookmark event:)

US Masala

Unknown said...

Thank u padhu,kurinjiand aipi...
Ur comments make me forget all struggles

Ramya said...

OMG Awesome! Excellent job Savi!

Unknown said...

Tank u machi

Unknown said...

Congratulations on 100th post dear and what a great way to celebrate. Love them. Thanks for linking it to our bookmarked recipes event.

Tahemeem said...

Congratulations... and this jangri looks aweosme :)

Unknown said...

Thank u priya and frnd...

Nithya said...

Jangri looks so so so yummy :) you know what!!! its such a coincidence that even my 100th post was Jangri :) :) :)

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