Monday, October 25, 2010

Ghee Rice with Coconut Stew

Ghee rice is boiled in coconut stew and garnished with cashews.Its a vegetarian delight ,can be served as an alternative for Biriyani.I got this recipe from my friend.We can have with any spicy gravies,like chicken,mutton or mushroom.Its a one pot dish and no hassles in washing the dishes.

See the texture......

1.Basmati rice               -   2 cups
2.Onion                         -   1
3.Green chillies            -   6 to 8
4.Garlic                        -   5 to 6 pods
5.Ghee                          -   1/4 cup
7.Whole garam masalas
8.Coconut milk             -  3 cups

* Soak the basmati rice for 15 mins.
* Saute the onions and slit the green chillies.
* In a pressure cooker,add a tbsp of ghee and fry the basmti rice till it is light yellow and keep it aside.
* In the same cooker,add oil , ghee and fry the whole garam masalas ( fennel seeds,cinnamon ,cloves,bay leaves)
* Saute the green chillies and onion well.
* Add  garlic and saute till it gets soften.
* Add 3 cups of  coconut milk and 1 cup of water, bring it to a boil.
* Adjust salt to taste and add the fried basmati rice to water.
* Cook for 1 whistle and keep in dhum for 15 mins in low flame.
* Once the rice is cooked,immediately transfer it to another container immediately.
* This will prevent the rice from sticking together.

Beautiful ghee rice....

* Garnish with cilantro and fried cashews.
* Serve it hot with chicken or mutton gravy or mushroom gravy for veg lovers.
For 2 cups of rice,i have used 4 cups of water ( 3 cups of coconut and 1 cup of water).
Green chillies can be added more or less ,according to ur taste buds.
Pulao Rice on FoodistaPulao Rice

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