Friday, October 15, 2010


Aviyal is an indian salad , which has all vegetables mixed and has yogurt dressing.This is an authentic Kerala dish . We can add any vegetable to this dish. There is no formal rules for the vegetables to be added in aviyal.

1.Carrot                 -    1
2.Chow chow        -     1
3.Brinjal                -     3
4.Ladies Fingure    -    5
5.Green chillies     -    4
6.Coconut              -    3 pieces
7.Cumin seeds       -    1/2 tbsp
8.Coconut oil         -    3 tbsp
9.Curry leaves

* Wash the vegetables and cut them into lengthwise.
* Boil the vegetables in a pan with little water,a pinch of turmeric pwdr and some salt.
* Grind the coconut,cumin seeds and green chillies into a fine paste.

* Add curd to the grinded mixture, as shown.

* In a pan, add coconut oil and saute the boiled vegetables slightly.
* Now add the curd mixture to the slightly sauted vegetables.

* Turn off the stove when the water content is reduced and garnish with cilantro.
* Serve it with hot rice or adai.

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