Friday, October 8, 2010

Ridge gourd fry

Ridge gourd has excellent cooling properties.It helps a lot in losing weight.Ridge gourd is high in dietery fibre,vitamin c.riboflavin,thiamine and low in cholestrol.I tried ridgegourd fry.

1.Ridge gourd                 -  1 cup
2.Onion                           -  1
3.Tomato                         -   1
4.Green chillies               -   4
5.Chilli pwdr                   -   1 tbsp
6.Curry leaves

Tampering :
1.Mustard seeds               -  1 tsp
2.cumin seeds                   -  1 tsp

* Wash and cut the ridge gourd into cubes.
*  Chop the Onion and tomato.slit the green chillies.
* Take a pan and pour some oil.
* Tamper with mustard seeds and cumin seeds.
* Now add the onion and saute it well with green chillies.
* When the onion becomes translucent , add the tomato with little salt.

* When the tomato gets disintergrated ,add the ridge gourd and let it cook for some time. Leave it for some time until it blends into the gravy.

*  Garnish with cilantro.Serve with hot rice or chapathi.

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