Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Tomato Rasam ( Thakkali Rasam )

Rasam is a thin soup, made of freshly grounded spices like pepper,cumin seeds and garlic. Its a South Indian delicacy and it has its presence in every house hold.In olden days, these were made using the stone grinder or Ammi.Now it has been replaced with mixies.Rasam has medicinal values also, it helps in digestion.I will give you, a quick recipe of a good rasam. Its easy to make and delicious.

0.Tomato                       -  1
1.Tamarind extract        -  2 cups
2.Cumin seeds               - 1 tbsp
3.Pepper                        -  1 tsp
3 (a).Turmeric pwdr      -  1 tsp
4.Garlic                         -   4 pods
5.Mustard seeds             - 1 tsp
5 (a).Hing                       - 1/2 tsp
6.Curry leaves

* Grind pepper,cumin seeds and 2 garlicpods, in a blender to a paste.
* In the tamarind juice, add the grinded mixture.
* Squeeze the tomato into the mixture .
* Add turmeric pwdr and salt to the mixture as shown.

* In a ding 'chik-ding chik' slightly tap the remaining garlic pods and red chillies.

* Take a stock pot and add a tsp of oil and splutter with mustard seeds ,curry leaves and slightly 'tapped' red chillies & garlic.
* Add hing to the tempering and transfer the tamarind mix to the pot.Add salt to taste.
* Add the Rasam Powder to the mix.Chk my postings for rasam powder.
* Bring it to a boil and garnish with cilantro. Don't boil too much, as it may loose its flavor. Just turn off the stove when u see some  fumes starts coming as you see here.

* Serve hot with steamed rice and thuvayal.
This is my husband's favourite and he doesnt need anything else, when u serve this.
Tasty Tomato

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