Monday, October 25, 2010

Paneer Tikka

I saw this recipe in Ramya's blog, thought of giving it a try....Believe me,it came out really well......Since paneer is baked with veggies,it is good for health....Kids will love it.

Panneer Tikka ready to serve......

1.Paneer                  -     1 pack
2.Red Capsicum      -    1/2
3.Green Capsicum   -    1/2
4.Yellow Capsicum -    1/2
5.Onion                    -    1
6.Tandoori Pwdr     -    1 tbsp
7.Chilli pwdr           -    1/2 tbsp
8.Lemon                   -    1/2
8. (a)Yogurt             -    2 tbsp
9.Salt                       -    to taste
10.Orange color       -   a pinch (optional)

Cut veggies and cubed paneer
* Cut the veggies and paneer into cubes.
* Take a mixing bowl and add all the ingredients except  paneer  into a paste.
* Make sure the mix is not watery.add the paneer into the mixture.
* Marinate paneer in a ziploc cover and refrigerate it over night.
* Bcoz,it will be easy for the masala to get into the paneer.
* Soak the skewers in water for half an hour.
* Arrange the paneer with colored capsicums and onions in its border ,in the skewers as shown,

Tikka ready to be baked....
 * Brush the paneer with some oil.
* Take a baking pan and cover it with aluminium foil and arrange the paneer skewers in a line.
* Pre heat the oven at 400 degrees for 10 mins and keep the baking tray inside.
* In broil mode cook the paneer for 7 mins
* Take the tray out ,coat it with oil and place it again in the oven for 7mins
* Now paneer tikka is ready.

Paneer Tikka ready for the guest!!!

* Serve hot for the guests with some lemon squeezed again.
Make sure that paneer is not cooked more that 10 mins at a stretch in the oven,as it may burn easily.
Paneer Tikki


Shanavi said...

This is good and sounds easy.. will try this weekend.

Unknown said...

S it is and healthy too.Tanx for watching

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