Friday, October 8, 2010

Ridge gourd skin chutney

I did ridge gourd fry today , but preserved the skin for chutney. This is my mom's recipe. Its very tasty and healthy. It can be served with rice or chapathi.When u have no time for cooking, this is ideal for those busy days.Just take a spoon ful , mix it with hot rice and increase the taste by adding sesame oil.

Ingredients :
1.Peeled skin      -   1 cup
2.Red chillies     -   4
3.Urad dal          -    1/2 tbsp
4.Tamarind         -    1 small gooseberry size.
5.salt to taste.

* Take a pan and add little oil .
* When the oil is heat enough, roast all the ingredients from 1 thru 4.

* U can also make the tamarind tender by roasting with the ridge gourd skin. This also helps in blending the tamarind with the skin.

* Grind all the ingredients nicely in a blender .

* Take a pan and temper with mustard and curry leaves ,add the grinded mixture .
* When it turns slight brown, turn off the stove.
* Store in the fridge. This can be kept for 1 week.

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