Sunday, October 10, 2010

Mirchi Bajji ( Milaga bajji)

I am a typical marina beach freak and wander there till it gets dark. The reason , yes ofcourse, the red staged shops where chillis are decorated as their borders and the aroma of mirchi bajji everywhere......
All residents of  Triplicane,Teynampet, Mylapore , Santhome would agree with me in this. ( Other part of chennai can also be included, i have taken the majority ).I dont remember the day I returned without having bajji there. The mirchis , which we get here ,will have no match in their spice level to those we get in marina. Today I went to indian grocery shop and this mirchi attracted well and it reminded me the days in marina. I just grabbed this oppurtunity to prepare this wonderful dish.

1.Bajji mirchis                  -  4
2.Besan flour                     -  1 1/2 cup
3.Ginger                            -  1 inch
4.Garlic                             -  4 to 5 pods
5. Fennel seeds                  -  1 tbsp
6. Chilli pwdr                    -  1 tbsp
7. Orange color                  -  1 pinch
8.Baking soda                     -  1 pinch
10. Rice flour                    -  2 tbsp

* Wash and cut the chillies as shown.

* Grind the fennel seeds,ginger and garlic into a fine paste.
* This paste wud giv the bajji a unique aroma and taste , so dont skip this .
* Mix all the ingredients in a bowl.
* Add water to it slowly and bring to a batter consistancy.
*Dip the mirchis as shown .

* Deep fry the bajjis in oil.

* Serve it with ketch up.

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