Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Vegetable Kuruma

Veg kuruma is a North indian delicacy and often served with chapathi/naan/poori/parata. My husband likes peas and potato for the kuruma.So lets see the process.
1. Peas - 1 cup
2.Potato - 1
3.Onions - 1 1/2
4.Tomatoes - 1 1/2
5.Green chillies - 10
6.Curd - 1 tbsp
7.Whole garam masalas
8.Curry leaves
10.Coconut - 3 to 4 pieces

* boil the peas and potato as shown.
Take 1 onion,1 tomato ,6 chillies and fry it in pan of little oil. Once they are cooled, throw it in a food processor and grind it into a fine paste.
In another pan add oil and splatter some whole garam masalas ( cinnamon,cloves, fenugreek seeds ). Saute the remaining onions ,chillies and tomato. sprinkle some salt to the mixture.
Now add the grinded masalas into the pan and bring it to a boil.Add the peas and potato and let it blend into the gravy.Grind the coconut with some fennel seeds and make it into a fine paste.Add it into the gravy and let it cook for a minute.
Then garnish with cilantro and curry leaves. Its a very good dish for kids as peas is rich in fibre.

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