Friday, October 22, 2010

Potato Roast (Urulai fry)

Potato roast is all time favourite.It goes very well with curd rice and all rice varieties.This recipe is my mother's and we all will fight to have a large portion of this dish.

 Drooling Aloo!!!
1.Potatoes               -   4
2.Garlic                  -   4 to 5 pods
3.Chilli pwdr          -  1 tbsp
3 (a) Turmeric pwr -  1 tsp
4.Hing                     -  a pinch
5.Mustard seeds      -  1 tsp
6.Curry leaves         -  1 spring
8.Urad dal               -  1 tsp

* Boil the potaoes with a pinch of turmeric pwdr and 1 tsp salt ,for 2 whistle or till it is half boiled.
* Crush the garlic with a crusher.
* In a pan, add oil and splutter with mustard seeds and urad dal.
* Add hing and garlic to the tempering.
* Add chilli pwdr and turmeric pwdr in oil and let the raw smell disappear.
* Dump in the potatoes into the pan.
* Put it in low flame and let it roast well.

 Indian Spiced Potatoes on FoodistaIndian Spiced Potatoes

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