Monday, October 18, 2010

My 50 th Post -Mutton Biriyani

I am happy to present you my 50 th posting.I wud remember all my friends in this auspicious occasion. Because, without them this blog wud not be possible. And ofcourse, the biggest critic  my husband - who makes me think, for different  varieties.This Mutton Biriyani is dedicated to my husband Ramesh.This biriyani recipe is from one of my friends.I was inspired by her biriyani.Give it a try u will love it.Lets get into the recipe.

Mutton Biriyani with Egg dressing

1.Mutton                                  -    1 pound
1 (a).Basmati rice                   -     21/2 cups
2.Onion                                   -     1( big)
3.Tomatoes                             -      2 (medium)
4.Green chillies                      -      5
5.Ginger garlic paste              -     1 tbsp
6.Chilli pwdr                          -     1 tbsp
7.Whole garam masalas
8.Mint leaves                          -     1 cup
9.Orange color                        -   1 tsp ( optional)
10.Ghee & oil                         -   1/4 cup each
* Chop the onion,tomatoes and slit the green chillies.
* In a pressure cooker, cook the mutton with chilli pwdr , turmeric pwdr and 4 cups of water for two whistles.
* separate the mutton from its stock and keep it aside as shown in the figure.
* Wash the basmat rice and soak it for 15 mins. In a pan fry it with a spoon of ghee ( shown in pic).

Chopped onions,tomatoes,green chillies,fried rice,mutton and mutton stock.
 *  In a pressure cooker , add ghee, oil and splutter with whole garam masalas.( Cloves,Cinnamon sticks,Bay leaves and Fennel seeds)
* Saute the onion and green chillies until it oozes out oil.
* Add Tomatoes and sprinkle some salt.
* When the tomato gets disintergrated, add the mutton pieces and giv it a stir.

Adding mutton to the gravy.
 * Now add the ginger garlic paste and saute it.
* Make sure that there is no water content in the mixture.
* Now measure the mutton stock, it wud be 5 cups.( 1 cup extra-Bcoz mutton wud ooze out water)
* Add the mutton stock to the mixture and giv it a stir.Adjust salt to taste.
* Add the orange color by dissolving it in a tsp of water.Add mint leaves.

Time to add the rice......
  * bring the water to a boil and slowly add the fried basmati rice.Cook for 1 whistle and put it in Dhum for 15 mins in low flame and transfer immediately to another container. So  the rice will not be sticking together.
* Serve hot with baghara baingan and raitha.

 Mutton biriyani,Baghara baingan ,raitha and mutton soup!!!!!!!

For 1 cup of rice, we can add 2 green chillies and same for the mutton stock.Check out my next post for baghara baingan.


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Sailaja Damodaran said...

congrats!!!!!!! this is my all time fav. dish

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