Thursday, October 21, 2010

Rasam Powder

My rasam pwdr got over and I thought of buying it.Though there are so many different varieties available in the market, the home made version is the best.Immediately , with the grace of vonage, called mom and she gave me this recipe.It has more flavor and taste. Just add a little rasam pwdr to the rasam before bringing it to boil, ur rasam will feel like heaven.The measurements are for small quantity only, bcoz I prefer to ground it whenever necessary.Bcoz large quantity rasam pwdr may loose its flavor when days pass by.But if u want to ground it in large quantity, just double the measurements.

Freshly grounded pwdr!!!
1.Pepper corns        -   1/2 cup
2.Cumin seeds         -   1/2 cup
3.Toor dal               -    1/4 cup
4.Coriander seeds   -     1/4 cup
5.Red chillies          -     5 to 7

Ingredients for rasam pwdr.
* Dry roast all the ingredients and cool it  for some time.
* Throw the roasted mixture into the blender and grind it as shown.
* Store it in a airtight container and use it when u r preparing rasam.

 Just chk my rasam post for ur reference.
Homemade Curry Powder

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