Thursday, October 7, 2010

Vegetable Sevai

My Inventory is getting over and was wondering wat to prepare for dinner.My husband gave an idea of sevai. checked my freezer and had some frozen veges. Wow, then wat stops from preparing it..........

0.Mixed veges             -        1 cup
1.Vermicelli                 -        1 cup
2.Onion                         -        1/2
3.Tomato                       -         1 (small)
4.Green chillies             -         6 (small)
5.ginger garlic paste       -         1 tsp
6.cumin seeds                 -         1 tsp
7.Mustard seeds             -          1 tsp
8.Curry leaves            

* Chop the onion, tomato and slit the green chillies .

* Take a microwaveable bowl and boil the vermicelli with a spoon of oil for 4 mins , stirring every 1 min on high. Then drain the water and dry it in a plate.
* Take a pan or kadai and pour some oil .
* Splatter with cumin seeds ,curry leaves and mustard seeds.
* Add the onion and green chillies.Saute it well until it is translucent.
* Now add the G&G paste and saute it well.
* Add the mixed veges with some salt and cook it .
* At last add the tomatoes and sprinkle some salt.

* Now just add the vermicelli in a sprinkling manner. Just toss it with the mixture without mashing the shape of vermicelli.
* Serve it with chutney or pickle.

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