Sunday, October 17, 2010

Mushroom Pepper Fry

Mushroom pepper fry is a substitute for mutton fry.My son eats it well , telling it is mutton .The count down has started for our vegetarian fasting....Today the sacred purattasi month ends, and from tomorrow, we are pure non-vegetarians....ha ha ha.Ok lets get into the dish.

Mushroon fry

1.Mushroom               -   1 pound
2.Onions                     -   1 (medium sized)
3.Green chilies           -   1
4.Ginger  (minced)     -    1 tbsp
5.Garlic   (crushed)    -    3 to 4
6.Pepper pwdr            -    1 tbsp
7.Mustard seeds          -    1 tsp
8.Urad dal                   -    1 tsp
9.Curry leaves

* chop the onions and slice the mushroom.
* Boil water in a bowl in microwave for 5 mins.
* Put the mushroom slices in the hot water and let it get half cooked as shown.

Mushrooms sitting in hot water
 * In pan or kadai, pour some oil and splutter with mustard seeds urad dal and curry leaves.
* Saute the onions and green chillies.Sprinkle salt to the onions.
* when the onions oozes out oil, add the minced ginger and crushed garlic.
* We can also add ginger garlic paste but crushed garlic and minced ginger gives wonderful aroma to the dish.
* Add the mushroom slices  into the pan.

One by one getting into pan

* The mushroom will give out water. Let it loose all the water. Add pepper pwdr and required salt.
* Let the dish be dry.Garnish with cilantro and serve with hot rice.

Ready to be served
Pepper Mushroom

1 comment:

Nisha said...

Loved this curry , i'm new to cooking musroom . Loved this simple version . Will try and let you know

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