Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Microwave Ginger Tea ( Ginger Chaai)

Ginger Tea has a spicy and invigorating taste and used as a medicine for nuasea,flu and throat pains. Apart from these medicinal values, everybody has a bonding towards coffee or tea.who doesnt like a hot chaai in a dull,rainy day?. It actually brighten ups our mornings.Here I am going to show a very easy recipe of microwave chai.

A cup full of hope!!!
1.Milk                 -   1 cup
2. tea pwdr          -   1 to 1/2 spoon
3.Sugar                -    1 tsp
4.ginger               -    1 inch

* In a crusher, justt crush the ginger as shown.

* Take a microwaveable bowl and pour milk.Add the tea pwdr and mix well

Adding tea pwdr
 * Add the crushed ginger and heat in microwave for 3 mins.
* Filter the tea and add sugar to it.
* Serve with biscuits or any snacks of ur desire.

Cant wait to have it!!!
Iced Ginger Tea

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